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22 Easy Seashell Drawings for Explorers

These simple seashell drawings will teach children how to create beautiful and unique artworks inspired by the natural beauty of seashells. We have gathered the most exquisite, distinct, and graceful seashells that kids will adore.

If you’re looking for enjoyable sea-themed activities to engage the kids before a trip or simply want to introduce them to the wonders of the underwater world, this list is perfect for you. Let’s dive into the captivating world of seashell art!

Before We Begin…

Ensure you have these essential art materials to achieve the best possible results for these projects:

  • Complete Art and Craft Supplies
  • Electronic Doodle Board for Kids
  • Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel

12 Step-by-Step Seashell Drawing Guides

1. Classic Shell Drawing

Classic Shell Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

You can’t miss this lovely seashell drawing from I Heart Crafty Things. The process is beautifully repetitive, with the petal-like shape serving as the foundation. Mastering it will make drawing the entire seashell a piece of cake.

2. Seashell Doodles

Watch this short clip from @faiiryliite to learn how to draw three different seashells in under 10 seconds. It’s the perfect activity for entertaining the kids while waiting at the airport, bus stop, or school. Get ready for some creative fun!

3. Group of Seashells Sketch

Group of Seashells Sketch
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Can’t decide which seashell to draw first? No worries! Hello Artsy has you covered with this trio shell drawing. Let your child explore drawing all three shells, creating a wonderful addition to their sketchbook.

4. Cute Seashell Drawing

This adorable drawing from EasyPicturesToDraw shows that seashell sketches can be made even more charming. Add a smile and eyes to their drawing, giving it a touch of cuteness. Check out our list of cute food drawings as well!

5. Unique Seashell Drawing

Unique Seashell Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

Take a look at this extraordinary seashell drawing from Easy Line Drawing. It will stand out among their other drawings due to its exquisite and one-of-a-kind design. Let their creativity shine with this unique seashell artwork.

6. Beautiful Seashell Drawing

Join Art for Kids Hub in their video tutorial and have a blast recreating this beautiful seashell drawing with the children. The tutorial covers everything, from sketching the shell’s outline to the best coloring techniques. Prepare for an amazing seashell masterpiece!

7. Cool Seashell Drawing

Cool Seashell Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Level up your drawing skills with this cool seashell tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides. They share helpful tips and tricks on how to draw a realistic shell in just nine simple steps. Grab some pencils and let’s begin!

8. Epic Seashell Drawing

Unleash the inner artist in your little ones with this awesome seashell drawing from @artist2674. The video offers a unique perspective on drawing these underwater gems that kids will find delightful. Get ready for some epic creativity!

9. Shell Under the Sea Sketch

Shell Under the Sea Sketch
Photo Credit: Super Coloring

Capture the beauty of seashells in their natural habitat with this sketch from Super Coloring. Alongside the seashell tutorial, kids will also learn to draw aquatic plants and sand, creating a complete undersea masterpiece.

10. Colorful Seashell Drawing

Toys Kids has found a way to make our drawings even more fun and vibrant. Check out the full video tutorial to learn the best techniques for drawing this rainbow-colored shell. Discover the world of colors with these amazing rainbow crafts for kids.

11. Spiral Seashell Drawing

Spiral Seashell Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

The ocean holds various beautiful shells waiting to be explored. Add variety to their collection and sketchbook with this cool drawing from Easy Line Drawing. The spiral seashell will surely captivate their artistic spirit.

12. Pink Seashell Drawing

Pink Seashell Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

If pink is their favorite color, they are in for a treat! This adorable pink seashell from How to Draw for Kids will be a fantastic project. Let’s immerse ourselves in a world of rainbows and sparkles with these My Little Pony perler beads patterns.

10 Ocean Drawings

13. Beautiful Beach Scenery Drawing

Drawing this stunning beach scene from Rongdhonu Art and Drawing with the kids will be a delightful way to spend an afternoon. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable activity that fosters bonding. Discover more beautiful ocean crafts on our list.

14. Ocean Waves Drawing

Ocean Waves Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Ride the waves and unleash your creativity with this epic sketch from How to Draw for Kids. Whether you’re at the beach, park, or home, the kids will feel the ocean breeze while creating this wonderful artwork.

15. Easy Shrimp Drawing

Your under-the-sea experience won’t be complete without this easy shrimp sketch from Sherry Drawings. Follow the step-by-step procedure in the video to learn how to draw this delightful sea creature. Dive into more adventures with these Spongebob perler beads.

16. Cute Fish Drawing

Cute Fish Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

The ocean is full of fishes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Let’s explore with this multicolored fish drawing from Freepik, featuring shades of red, orange, and yellow. Kids will love how fun and easy it is to draw this adorable fish.

17. How to Draw a Seahorse

A seahorse is a beautiful and unique aquatic creature that deserves its own drawing tutorial. Join Art for Kids Hub and learn how to draw its trunk, snout, and head like a pro. Enhance your underwater collection with this fascinating seahorse artwork.

18. Adorable Crab Drawing

Adorable Crab Drawing
Photo Credit: Love to Draw Things

Snippety snap! This crab is here to say hi! Fans of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Mr. Krabs from Spongebob, and Crab Princess from Adventure Time will enjoy attempting this adorable crab sketch from Love to Draw Things. Let’s bring these lovable characters to life!

19. Starfish Drawing

Looking for more activities to foster your child’s creativity? This starfish sketch from HAPPY ART will be a fantastic choice. Let their imaginations flourish while exploring the wonders of the ocean.

20. Sea Turtle Drawing

Sea Turtle Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Sea turtles are among the many endangered species in the ocean. Engage the kids with this activity from Hello Artsy to teach them more about these remarkable creatures and encourage discussions on environmental protection, especially in the open seas.

21. Great White Shark Drawing

For the fearless children who fear nothing, not even the terrifying great white sharks, this project from Art for Kids Hub is a perfect choice. The video tutorial will guide them in drawing the gills, fins, and tail with confidence. Get ready for some jaw-dropping art!

22. Big Whale Drawing

Big Whale Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Our final project from Freepik is here to make a huge splash. The kids will have a blast sketching one of the largest marine mammals of all time with this guided drawing. Dive into more captivating whale drawings on our list.

Easy Seashell Artworks

These easy seashell drawings provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore and learn more about the ocean and its intriguing creatures. Along the way, they’ll develop their artistic skills and expand their creativity. Seashell drawings are a fantastic way for kids to connect with nature and express themselves through art.

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