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How to draw a cute shark


Are you interested in drawing cute and kawaii animals? If so, you’re in luck! Drawing these adorable creatures can be a perfect project for kids, allowing them to proudly display their artwork on refrigerators or in their notebooks. In this step-by-step guide, we will learn how to draw a cute shark together. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these easy-to-follow instructions will help you create an impressive shark drawing in no time!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Let’s start by drawing the body of the shark. To maintain its cuteness, we will make the shark small and curved, just like the kawaii style we love. Begin by drawing a long curve, resembling the shape of a bean. Ensure that the left side of the curve is longer, as it will become the head of the shark. Next, draw another curve to complete the body, making this line more straight than curved. Leave a small gap at the end for the tail.

Now, it’s time to add the tail fins. Draw two small, cute fins at the end of the shark’s body. Take your time with this step to ensure precision and accuracy. If desired, you can print out this guide and trace the steps for convenience.

Sharks have multiple fins, which aid them in swimming. Let’s draw the remaining fins on the body. Use two small “V” shapes to indicate the shark fins. For an extra touch of cuteness, make the pointed ends slightly curved.

The top fin is what gives the shark its unique appearance. Draw the same “V” shape on top of the shark, completing the defining feature of this creature.

Now, let’s create the face of our cute shark. Draw a small eye and a mouth, keeping it simple and circular in shape. These minimal facial features will enhance the shark’s charm.

To depict the gills, draw three small curves beneath the shark’s eye. This placement accurately represents the shark’s anatomy.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully drawn the shark. Now, it’s time to add color. Begin by choosing a bluish purple shade to color the top of the shark, leaving the bottom white. Don’t forget to color the fins as well. For an adorable touch, draw a small blush spot beneath the shark’s eye.

If you desire more dimension, you can add highlights and shadows to the shark’s skin. This step is optional, especially if you’re coloring traditionally.

And there you have it! You’ve completed your cute shark drawing. Remember, you can use any colors you like to bring your shark to life!

Conclusion and Additional Resources

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed creating your cute shark drawing step by step. Drawing animals, especially in a kawaii style, is a fun activity suitable for all ages. Feel free to color and decorate your drawings according to your imagination.

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Feel free to leave a comment below suggesting what kind of kawaii animal or object you’d like to see in future tutorials. Stay tuned for more exciting drawing tutorials, including animals, food, and various cute subjects. And if you’re interested in turning your kawaii art into merchandise, check out the course mentioned below!

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For beginners interested in digital illustration using ProCreate, we highly recommend the course “Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101.”

Happy drawing!

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