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Drawing Shopkins characters can be a fun and creative activity. In this article, we will provide step-by-step drawing tutorials for various Shopkins toys, cartoons, and comic characters. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, these easy-to-follow instructions will help you bring your favorite characters to life on paper.

Understanding Shopkins

Shopkins are a popular range of tiny collectible toys manufactured by Moose Toys. These adorable characters have also been featured in animation films like “Shopkins: Chef Club,” “Shopkins: World Vacations,” and “Shopkins: Wild.”

Apple Blossom

How to Draw Apple Blossom from Shopkins

Let’s start by learning how to draw Apple Blossom, one of the beloved characters from Shopkins. Apple Blossom is a green apple with a cute flower blossom on the stem of her head. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to capture her adorable face and charm.

Cupcake Chic

How to Draw Cupcake Chic Shopkins

Join us as we guide you through the process of drawing Cupcake Chic, another delightful character from Shopkins. Grab your markers and paper, and let’s get started on this creative journey.

Cupcake Queen

How to Draw a Shopkins – Cupcake Queen

Discover the joy of drawing your first Shopkin character with Cupcake Queen. Follow along with us as we provide step-by-step instructions to help you bring this sweet and regal character to life on paper.

Kooky Cookie

How to Draw Kooky Cookie

Let’s dive into drawing Kooky Cookie, an endearing Shopkins character. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to create your very own Kooky Cookie masterpiece.

Lippy Lips

How to Draw Lippy Lips: Cute Lipstick from Shopkins

Get ready to draw Lippy Lips, the adorable lipstick character from Shopkins. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to capture the cuteness of this Shopkin with ease.

Miss Pressy

How to Draw Miss Pressy from Shopkins

Join us as we guide you through drawing Miss Pressy, a charming character from the world of Shopkins. With our simple instructions, you’ll be able to create your own unique interpretation of this delightful toy.

Poppy Corn

How to Draw Poppy Corn Shopkins

Let your creativity pop as you learn how to draw Poppy Corn, an adorable Shopkins character. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and enjoy the process of bringing this character to life.


How to Draw Popsicle Shopkins

Get ready to cool down with Popsicle, another fun-loving character from Shopkins. Grab your drawing materials and follow along with us to create your very own Popsicle masterpiece.

Shoppies Peppa-mint

How to Draw Shopkins Shoppies Peppa-mint

Join us on an artistic adventure as we take you through the steps of drawing Shopkins Shoppies Peppa-mint. Don’t be intimidated by the number of steps; we’ve broken them down into manageable parts to make it easier for you.

Strawberry Kiss

How to Draw Strawberry Kiss

Learn how to draw Strawberry Kiss, a beloved Shopkins character. Although this tutorial may be slightly challenging for younger artists, remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Encourage your kids to draw alongside you for a fun family activity.

Other Shopkins Characters

Easy Shopkins Drawing Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Artists

If you’re looking for more drawing inspiration, we’ve compiled a collection of 221 free Shopkins drawing tutorials. Whether you prefer using pencils, markers, or digital tools like Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll find step-by-step directions to help you bring these cute characters to life.


Drawing Shopkins characters can be a rewarding and entertaining experience. By following our step-by-step tutorials, you’ll be able to showcase your artistic skills and create your very own collection of Shopkins artwork. So, grab your favorite drawing supplies, let your imagination soar, and start capturing the charm of these beloved characters on paper.

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