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Shopkins Coloring Pages

Discover the Cute and Colorful World of Shopkins

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the objects in your house and the products in the store could come alive? Well, Shopkins brings that imagination to life in the most adorable way possible! These lovable characters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for coloring fun. Let your creativity soar with our collection of free Shopkins coloring pages for kids!

Unleash Your Artistic Skills with Shopkins Coloring Pages

Get ready to unleash your artistic skills with our wide selection of Shopkins coloring sheets. From tubes of lipstick to yummy milkshakes, adorable watering cans to colorful Shoppies, there’s something for everyone.

40 Brand New Shopkins Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Dive into our collection of 40 brand new Shopkins coloring pages. Each page features a unique character that will spark your imagination and creativity.

Tube of Lipstick Shopkins Coloring Page

This coloring sheet showcases a cute Shopkins character designed to look like a tube of lipstick. With endless color possibilities, you can use your favorite shades of reds or pinks to make this character truly pop! Get creative and add texture using paint for a stunning result. Share your masterpiece on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Yummy Milkshake Shopkins Coloring Page

Indulge in a sweet treat with our milkshake-themed Shopkins coloring page. This character is bursting with delicious details and toppings. Let your favorite milkshake flavor inspire your color choices. Show off your creativity by using the colors that best represent your favorite milkshake. Add texture and icing details for a mouthwatering masterpiece!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Lovable Drips Shopkins Coloring Page

Meet Drips, the adorable kitten-themed watering can from the Shopkins series. Choose vibrant colors like red or yellow, or let your creativity run wild and explore new color combinations. Express your unique style and create a vibrant masterpiece!

Shopkins coloring pages printable free

Rainbow Kate, the Colorful Shoppie

Discover the vibrant world of Rainbow Kate, one of the delightful human characters from the Shopkins series. With her colorful appearance, she will surely brighten up your coloring journey. Use a variety of bright and beautiful colors to bring Rainbow Kate to life!

Shopkins colouring pages free printable

Jessicake, the Sweet Shopkins Character

Get ready for some coloring fun with Jessicake, the sweet and stylish Shopkins character. With her pink and blue color scheme, she provides a perfect canvas for colored pens and intricate details. Let your creativity flow and bring out the beauty of this adorable character!

Jessicake Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Hot Cocoa Kitty, the Adorable Shopkins Character

Curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy this adorable Shopkins character. Designed to look like a cute kitty, this hot cocoa cup is brimming with cute details. Use lovely pinks and blues to make it extra adorable, or experiment with different color combinations that speak to your imagination. Let creativity be your guide!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Donut Delight, a Sweet Unicorn-Themed Shopkins

Embark on a sweet adventure with this delightful unicorn-themed donut Shopkins. Express your love for donuts and unicorns by using colors that represent your favorite donut flavors. Add your own touch by drawing extra toppings or adding icing for a delectable masterpiece!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Ice Cream Dream, a Cool Shopkins Character

Cool down with Ice Cream Dream, a delightful Shopkins character with a pink cone and brown ice cream. Embrace your favorite colors and let your imagination run wild. Add your personal touch to this sweet character and create your own ice cream dream!

Cute Shopkins coloring pages printable free

Bubbles, the Bubblegum-Themed Shopkins

Get ready to have a bubbly time with Bubbles, the bubblegum-themed Shopkins character. With her pretty blue color scheme and pink bow, she’s ready to be brought to life with your artistic touch. Consider using acrylic paints for a vibrant appearance that matches her bubbly personality!

Bubbles Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Miss Pressy, the Present-Themed Shopkins

Unwrap the joy of coloring with Miss Pressy, the present-themed Shopkins character. With her purple body and pretty pink ribbon bow, she’s a perfect page for all those who love pink and purple. Let your imagination soar and choose your favorite colors or create unique variations. The choice is yours!

Miss Pressy Shopkins coloring pages free download

Diamond Ring, an Elegant Shopkins Character

Step into elegance with this fancy Shopkins character designed to look like a diamond ring. With its sophisticated design, it calls for lighter and more restrained colors. Utilize the elegance of colored pencils or watercolors to bring out the charm of this character. We can’t wait to see your choice of colors!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shopkins Coloring Page

Indulge in a delicious coloring experience with this chocolate chip cookie-inspired Shopkins character. While cookies may not have many colors, you can still make it interesting by adding colorful sprinkles or painting the chocolate chips to give them a realistic touch. Let your imagination guide you as you bring this sweet treat to life!

Shopkins coloring pages free printable

Goldie Fishbowl, the Golden Shopkins Character

Take a plunge into gold with Goldie Fishbowl, the beautiful golden-colored Shopkins character. Let your creativity shine by using gold glitter or a glitter pen to add a touch of sparkle to this charming character. Get creative and showcase your artistic skills with this golden delight!

Continue Your Colorful Journey with Shopkins!

These are just a few of the delightful Shopkins coloring pages waiting for you to explore. Let your creativity thrive as you bring these cute characters to life with your favorite colors and artistic flair. Don’t forget to share your colorful creations on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see how you bring these adorable Shopkins characters to life!

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