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❤️How to Draw Emojis: Step By Step Guide❤️

Emojis are a delightful and effortless way to express ourselves. Drawing emojis can be a fun activity, especially for kids. If you’re eager to learn how to draw various emojis, you’ve come to the right place. Our website, How to Draw Emojis, offers step-by-step tutorials to help you master the art of creating emojis.

Explore a Variety of Emojis

On our website, you can find tutorials on how to draw a wide range of emojis, including:

  • Fish
  • Frog
  • Heart
  • Robot
  • Teddy bear
  • Tiger
  • Train
  • Zebra
  • Fire
  • Flower
  • House
  • Rabbit
  • Ninja
  • Smoke
  • Shoes
  • Ears

Emojis in the World of Online Communication

In today’s era of social media and digital communication, emojis have become an integral part of our online conversations. Rather than relying on traditional phone calls, most of us prefer to chat and express our emotions using emojis. These expressive little icons, with over 100 variations available, allow us to convey a wide range of feelings, from smiles to tears. Some people even incorporate emojis into their daily lives, drawing them in notebooks, design files, and desktop paintings for various purposes.

Step-by-Step Guide: Drawing Emojis

Let’s dive into the process of drawing emojis step-by-step. By following this guide, you’ll be able to draw a single emoji, and the same principles can be applied to other emoji designs as well.

Step 1: Begin by drawing a simple circle as the basis for your emoji.

Step 2: Next, create the eyes according to the style of emoji you wish to draw.

Step 3: Once the eyes are complete, move on to drawing the mouth, tailoring it to match the specific emoji’s expression.

Step 4: Finally, add the finishing touches and outlines to your drawing, as demonstrated in the images below.

Emojis Step 1
Emojis Step 2

Creating Emojis: Faces and Expressions

Drawing emojis is a straightforward process that involves outlining and following basic guidelines. Let’s break it down:

  1. Start by sketching a simple circle for the face, omitting any unnecessary strokes.
  2. Next, draw the eyes. Depending on the type of emoji you’re creating, the eyes can be closed for a smiley face or open in a circular pattern for a kissing face. Refer to the accompanying image for visual guidance.

Emojis Faces

  1. Move on to the mouth, one of the more intricate parts of an emoji. Each emoji has a unique mouth structure, so be sure to adapt accordingly. For example, a smiley emoji might have a wide, open mouth 😄, while a winking emoji would sport a smaller, smiling mouth 😉. Feel free to experiment and create different mouth designs for various emojis.

Once you’ve completed the facial features, you can add color and additional strokes to bring your emoji to life. Most emojis are yellow, but some have red accents. Don’t be afraid to personalize your creations!

Drawing Cute Emojis: Spreading Love and Joy

Cute emojis, such as smiling, kissing, or blinking faces, are often used to express feelings of love and joy. To draw these adorable emojis, simply follow the same method described above. Coloring the emojis is entirely up to your personal preference.

Step-by-Step: Drawing the Poop Emoji

Are you interested in drawing the beloved poop emoji? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin by drawing a straight horizontal line. Then, create C-shaped structures on either end of the line.

Step 2: On top of the existing C-shaped structures, draw additional C-shaped structures.

Step 3: Next, sketch an S-like structure on the top left side of the emoji. Connect the S with a curved line.

Poop Emoji Step

Step 4: For the eyes, draw two small circles in the middle of the emoji. To complete the eyes, add smaller circles inside the larger ones.

Step 5: Proceed by drawing a small curved mouth and blush-like cheeks. To finalize your emoji, give it the finishing strokes and add color if desired.

Drawing Emojis on Paper: Simple and Fun

Drawing emojis on paper is a straightforward and enjoyable task. You can follow the same guidelines provided earlier to create beautiful emoji designs on paper. Add some color to make your creations even more vibrant and captivating.

Drawing a Unicorn Emoji: A Magical Creature

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to tackle the unicorn emoji, here’s how:

Step 1: Begin by drawing a small circle for the unicorn’s eye. Above the eye, draw an A-shaped structure, and from the top point, draw a line downward. Next, create banana-shaped structures stemming from the bottom of the ear.

Step 2: After drawing the hair, sketch a triangle-like structure at the top. From the midpoint of the hair, draw a slanted, elongated triangle to represent the unicorn horn.

Unicorn Emoji Step

Step 3: Complete the horn and move on to the unicorn’s nose. Sketch curved lines to form the nose and neck of the unicorn. Finally, draw a bean-shaped nose.

Step 4: Extend a flowing, S-like structure from the unicorn’s middle section to its neck. Follow the same pattern as the banana-like hair structures to mimic the hairstyle featured in the emoji.

By following these steps, you’ll have your very own unicorn emoji drawing ready. Feel free to add color and bring the unicorn to life.

Drawing Emojis in Picture Form

If you prefer drawing emojis in picture form, all you need to do is start with a circle, add eyes, and incorporate a mouth.

Drawing Heart-Eyed Emojis: An Expression of Love

The heart-eyed emoji is a beautiful and adorable symbol of affection. To draw it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin by drawing a circle. Then, draw two heart-shaped eyes.

Step 2: Next, draw a smiling mouth. Start with a C-shaped structure and join the corners with a gentle curve.

Step 3: Your emoji is complete! If you desire, add color to enhance its appearance.

Heart Eye Emoji

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can create your own heart-eyed emoji drawing.

In summary, drawing emojis can be a delightful and engaging activity. Whether you choose to draw emojis on paper or digitally, you now have the knowledge and steps to bring your favorite emojis to life. So, grab a pencil, unleash your creativity, and start drawing. Happy emoji sketching!

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