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How to Draw a Flag Step by Step

This tutorial provides an effortless method to depict a flag waving in the wind on a pole. It comprises six steps, each accompanied by detailed examples and concise explanations.

Flag drawing step by step

To ensure simplicity, the flag drawing in this tutorial is not overly stylized. The included preview showcases the different stages of drawing.

To begin, use a pencil to make light lines that are easily erasable in case of mistakes. Once satisfied, you can darken the lines with a black pen or marker.

Step 1 – Sketch the Flag Pole

Flag pole drawing

Commence the drawing by sketching the flag pole. You have the freedom to determine its length, though in this case, the bottom is “cut off” to avoid reducing the size of the flag in the example.

The pole should consist of two straight parallel lines joined at the top. If you encounter difficulties, feel free to employ a ruler for assistance.

Step 2 – Outline the Flag

Flag outline drawing

To depict a flag blowing in the wind, give it a wave-like shape. You can achieve this effect by creating what appears to be two overlapping parts, much like the example. Ensure that the lines defining these parts are curved or wavy.

Step 3 – Add Space Between the Flag & Pole

Flag space drawing

As the flag is attached to the pole at the top and bottom, there will be a gap between the two. This space should be visually represented with a single curved line, as demonstrated in the example.

Step 4 – Draw the Pole Tip

Flag tip drawing

In this quick step, add a small round tip at the upper end of the flag pole.

Step 5 – Incorporate Small Details & Finalize the Line Drawing

Flag line drawing

For the final details, include two small strips of fabric encircling the flag pole at the top and bottom of the flag’s base. These strips serve as the mechanism holding the flag in place.

Once you have completed this step, you can use a black pen, marker, or darken the lines with a pencil. Ensure you are satisfied with your drawing before proceeding.

Step 6 – Color the Flag

Flag drawing

To add color to the flag, you can opt for a grey tip, a brown pole, and any color of your choice for the flag itself. In this instance, the flag will be depicted as red. To create a shiny, metallic effect on the tip, leave a small round white spot in its upper left corner to indicate a highlight (light reflection).

Feel free to utilize any coloring method that suits you, such as paints, markers, or colored pencils.


The flag drawing in this example is simple yet displays a natural appearance without being overly stylized. We hope you found this drawing style helpful and easy to follow.

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