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How To Draw a Mermaid Easy Printable Lesson For Kids

Today, we will guide you through a step-by-step process to draw a mermaid easily. Even if you or your child have no prior drawing experience, this tutorial is perfect for you! Download and print our 3-page mermaid sketch tutorial, follow the steps, and soon enough, you’ll have your very own cute mermaid drawing. Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, this easy mermaid sketch guide will be a hit.

Making Mermaid Drawing Simple for Kids

It’s no wonder that kids love mermaids, just like they love unicorns. These enchanting creatures, half-human and half-fish, residing in the sea alongside adorable fish, captivate our imagination. So, before we begin, click the button below to print our simple mermaid drawing tutorial:

How to Draw a Mermaid {Printable Tutorial}

Grab a notebook and your colored pencils, markers, or watercolor paints. Follow the steps carefully, and once you’ve completed your drawing, you can add colors of your choice to your mermaid and her tail.

Easy Steps to Draw a Pretty Mermaid

Let’s dive into the process of drawing a cartoon mermaid step-by-step. With these easy instructions, you’ll be creating your very own cute mermaid drawings in no time!

Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing a circle and a rectangle below it.

Step 2

Connect the circle and rectangle by drawing two arched lines to create the neck. Then, draw your mermaid’s arms.

Step 3

Draw the hands by adding two ovals on each arm.

Step 4

Now, draw two ovals to form your mermaid’s tail. Exciting, isn’t it?

Step 5

Add curved lines and erase any extra lines.

Step 6

Use curved lines to shape the top and the tail’s fins.

Step 7

Draw the hair in any style you prefer!

Step 8

Let’s add some details. Draw circles for the eyes, ovals for the cheeks, and curved lines for the nose, smile, and eyebrows.

Step 9

Congratulations! You’ve done an amazing job! Now, feel free to get creative and add different details to personalize your mermaid. Your drawing is complete! Don’t forget to color it in with your favorite shades.

Download the Simple Mermaid Drawing Lesson PDF FILE

How to Draw a Mermaid {Printable Tutorial}

Recommended Drawing Supplies

Here are some essential drawing supplies to accompany your artistic journey:

  • For drawing the outline, a simple pencil can work fantastically.
  • An eraser is a must-have to correct any mistakes.
  • Colored pencils are ideal for adding vibrant hues.
  • Fine markers can be used to create a bolder, more solid look.
  • Gel pens offer a plethora of colors to choose from.
  • Lastly, ensure you have a sharpener for your pencil.

Pro Tip: For a wide range of super fun coloring pages for both kids and adults, check out our collection here. Enjoy!

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We’re curious to know how your mermaid drawing turned out. Comment below and share your masterpiece with us!

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