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19 Simple and Easy Mouse Drawings

Mice often get a bad reputation, but let’s take a moment to appreciate these adorable creatures through some simple and easy mouse drawings. It’s time to challenge the misconception that mice are the bane of elephants and recognize them for the sweet and innocent beings they truly are. These step-by-step guides will show you just how lovable mice can be, with popular media characters like Mickey Mouse and Jerry from Tom and Jerry as perfect examples. By the end, you might even feel inspired to bring a little mouse into your life as a pet!

7 Basic Mouse Sketches

We all know that mice are small and uncomplicated, so these initial seven drawings won’t disappoint. Perfect for preschoolers who have an inexplicable love for mice, these guides are sure to capture their attention.

1. A Round Mouse

Photo credit: Rainbow Printables
When drawing a mouse, it’s essential to begin with basic shapes, especially when teaching young and inexperienced artists. Rainbow Printables provides a step-by-step guide starting from the mouse’s ear to its tail.

2. Mouse Sketch for Preschoolers

Photo credit: We Draw Animals
The iconic silhouette of Mickey Mouse, consisting of two circles for the ears and one for the head, has shaped the way mice are depicted in drawings. We Draw Animals showcases a mouse drawing inspired by this timeless design.

3. Mouse Illustrated with Letters and Symbols

Photo credit: Drawing How to Draw
Creating memorable and recognizable animal designs becomes easier when you use symbols or letters as a starting point. Drawing How to Draw encourages this approach with their mouse drawing guide. Imagine the mouse’s body as a sideways capital letter “D,” and the ears as an inverted letter “U”—a simple yet effective technique.

4. Simple Mouse Sketch

Sometimes, being an excellent artist doesn’t require adhering to strict rules or following conventional techniques. All it takes is a sprinkle of self-confidence and inspiration from guides like the one provided by Articco Drawing’s channel.

5. Mouse Drawing in 9 Steps

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids
For those who appreciate structure and guidelines, Art Projects For Kids offers a nine-step mouse drawing that divides the sketch into quadrants. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add simple scenery in the background.

6. Gray Mouse

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides
Did you know that mice can stand upright on their hind legs, often to explore hard-to-reach places? Easy Drawing Guides presents an adorable standing mouse drawing to showcase this unique behavior.

7. A Cartoon Mouse Drawing

When it comes to starting a sketch, many artists, whether beginners or experienced, prefer to use a pencil so that they can easily erase any mistakes. The choice between pencil and permanent marker depends on personal style and the intended purpose of the drawing. DrawinGeek’s channel fearlessly designs their mouse using a permanent marker.

5 Kawaii Mouse Sketches

Mice are inherently cute, primarily because of their appearance and small size. In these next five kawaii mouse drawings, the adorableness factor is amplified. Prepare to be overwhelmed by cuteness!

8. Cute Cartoon Mouse

Peanut’s super adorable drawing will melt even the heart of the most nervous elephant. The little star near the mouse’s gigantic ears is the perfect finishing touch. If you want more animal cuteness, try making elephant Perler beads to let these two creatures interact.

9. Kawaii Running Mouse

If you’re familiar with our site, you already know what kawaii means. Take a look at SimpleArtX – Cute Simple Art’s mouse design for a visual representation. They added cute features like a bigger head and eye to enhance the mouse’s cuteness.

10. Bouncy Mousey

Caroline’s Cuties captures the essence of a mouse’s cuteness in this drawing tutorial. They even wrapped Christmas lights around the furry critter to showcase its squishiness and adorableness.

11. Cute Little Mouse

zooshii’s channel brings us an adorable mouse design. The artist starts by outlining the sketch with a pencil and then adds details with a marker once they are satisfied with the proportions.

12. Mouse and Cheese Drawing

Mice may prefer grains and veggies over dairy, but cheese has become synonymous with mice throughout history. Enjoy a drawing of a couple of mice indulging in their “favorite” food, brought to you by Art for Kids Hub’s channel.

4 Famous Mouse Sketches

It’s not just dogs, cats, and zoo animals that dominate the TV screen. Mice have also stolen the spotlight numerous times. Let’s take a look at some famous mouse drawings that have captivated audiences.

13. Mickey Mouse Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing For All
When we think of influential mice, one name stands above the rest: Mickey Mouse—the iconic mascot of Disney. Drawing For All showcases the modern version of Mickey Mouse that current generations are so familiar with. Check out our list of Mickey Mouse Perler beads or Mickey Mouse crafts for more creative inspiration.

14. Jerry from Tom and Jerry

The next famous mouse on our list is none other than Jerry from the beloved cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Even after its debut in 1940, this franchise continues to be cherished by multiple generations. Learn step-by-step how to draw Jerry holding a piece of cheese from Learn Step by Step’s channel.

15. Remy from Ratatouille

Although Remy from Ratatouille isn’t a mouse, he challenges the negative perception often associated with rats. Remy proves that rats can be smart, talented, and capable of achieving their dreams, just like any other creature.

16. Pikachu Drawing

It may come as a surprise, but Pikachu is officially classified as an “electric mouse” according to the Pokedex. While not a traditional mouse or rabbit, Pikachu’s appearance and characteristics warrant its inclusion in this list. Draw So Cute’s channel is an excellent source of inspiration if you’re looking to draw this iconic Pokemon. And if you’re a Pokemon fan, check out our easy Pokemon drawings collection.

3 Complex Mouse Sketches

Now, let’s step up the challenge and take our mouse drawing skills to the next level. These complex mouse sketches will test your abilities and provide an opportunity to enhance your artistic talent.

17. Furry Mouse

Photo credit: Art In Context
If there’s one element missing from the previous designs, it’s the intricate details of a mouse’s fur. Art In Context meticulously traces each strand of fur in their mouse drawing, resulting in a realistic and stunning portrayal.

18. How to Draw a Complex Mouse

For a realistic yet not overly complicated drawing guide, you can rely on How2DrawAnimals’s video tutorial. One standout feature of their illustrations is the inclusion of timestamps for each component, making it easy to follow along.

19. Mouse Drawing: Advanced Level

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+
For a comprehensive sketch of a mouse, look no further than Envato Tuts+. This guide provides both an outline and intricate details, perfect for those seeking a more thorough drawing experience. Don’t be intimidated by the impressive final sketch; each step is carefully explained, making it achievable for artists of all levels.

Have a Mice Day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed creating these easy mouse drawings as much as they’ve entertained your little ones. For more drawing inspiration, be sure to check out our other lists, including whale drawings, easy frog drawings, and easy otter drawings.

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