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How to Draw a Mushroom in 8 Steps

Mushroom drawing step by step

If you’ve ever wanted to draw a mushroom, you’re in the right place! In this tutorial, I will guide you through 8 easy steps to create a beautiful mushroom drawing. Don’t worry if you’re new to drawing, this tutorial is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any prior experience. So grab your pencil and let’s get started!

Step 1 – Outline the Mushroom Cap

Mushroom cap outline drawing

To begin, sketch the outline of the mushroom cap. Start with a rounded top and a slightly rounded bottom. Remember, mushrooms are symmetrical but not perfectly so. If it helps, you can draw a straight vertical line to ensure both halves of the cap are similar in width and shape.

Step 2 – Draw the Bottom of the Cap

Mushroom cap drawing

The bottom of the mushroom cap will be slightly visible from this angle. Draw a narrower oval shape to represent the bottom of the cap. For a better understanding of perspective, you can refer to our tutorial on Perspective Drawing for Beginners. You can also use a horizontal guide line to help you draw this part of the mushroom.

Step 3 – Draw the Stem

Mushroom stem drawing

Now, erase a small portion of the cap’s outline and draw the mushroom stem. Use wavy lines to define the shape of the stem. Make it wider towards the bottom half and narrower again at the very bottom. If you used a center line in the first step, you can use it as a guide to ensure the right side of the stem is slightly wider than the left, giving the drawing a more natural look.

Step 4 – Draw the Foreground Grass

Mushroom foreground grass drawing

To add some interest to the drawing, let’s include some blades of grass around the mushroom. Start by placing them in front and to the sides of the mushroom. Make each blade slightly different in shape to create a more organic look. As the grass goes up, try to draw it in a way that it fans out.

Step 5 – Draw the Background Grass

Mushroom grass drawing

Now, let’s add more blades of grass in between and behind the previous set. For a visually appealing drawing, distribute the grass evenly on both sides, but avoid making it look too symmetrical. Vary the shape and length of each blade to add diversity.

Step 6 – Draw the Spores

Mushroom spores drawing

To add more detail to the mushroom cap, draw some spores on the inner/bottom part. These spores should point more downwards near the center and curve towards the sides as they move away. Randomize the spacing between them, placing them farther apart near the middle and closer together near the sides. This will help emphasize the curvature of the cap.

Step 7 – Add the Stem Details & Finish the Line Drawing

Mushroom line drawing

To give the stem some texture, draw a few broken lines along its shape. Similar to the spores, space them farther apart near the center and closer together near the sides. This will enhance the three-dimensional appearance of the mushroom. Take your time and pay attention to the curvature of the mushroom’s shape.

Step 8 – Color the Mushroom

Mushroom highlight drawing

Finally, it’s time to add color and shading to your mushroom drawing! Before you begin coloring, outline a highlight along the side of the cap. You can use the same color as the cap or lightly sketch it in pencil. For the cap, use shades of brown, with a darker hue for the inner bottom. Color the stem in a light yellow/brown shade, adding a shadow on its upper part (cast by the cap). Use lighter and darker shades of green for the grass, making the blades in the foreground lighter and the ones in the background slightly darker.


In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to draw a captivating mushroom from scratch. By following these 8 simple steps, you can create a stunning drawing without the need for complex details or shading. This tutorial is perfect for beginners as it provides an opportunity to create a realistic drawing without overwhelming difficulty.

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