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How To Draw Pikachu Head

Sketching Pikachu’s Basic Shape

Pikachu, the beloved Pokemon character, has a distinctive head shape that can be easily drawn with a few simple steps. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own Pikachu head masterpiece.

To begin, draw a basic oval shape to form the foundation of Pikachu’s head. Next, within the oval, draw a smaller oval to indicate the face area. This smaller oval adds depth and definition to Pikachu’s face.

Adding Pikachu’s Facial Features

Once you have sketched the basic shape, it’s time to add Pikachu’s iconic facial features. These features include his adorable eyes, nose, and mouth.

Start by drawing two small circles for the eyes. Make sure they are close together and situated towards the center of the head. For the nose, draw a small downward-pointing triangle between the eyes and the bottom of the head.

To complete Pikachu’s face, draw a small curved line for the mouth. Remember to give Pikachu his signature wide, curved smile.

Drawing Pikachu’s Ears and Cheeks

Pikachu’s ears and cheeks are distinctive features that give him his charming appearance. Follow these steps to bring Pikachu to life!

Begin by drawing two small triangles on each side of the head to represent his pointy ears. Make sure they are positioned symmetrically and proportionate to the head.

Next, add two small circles to each cheek to depict Pikachu’s rosy cheeks. These circles should be placed below the eyes and should be roughly the same size as the eyes.

Finally, add the finer details to Pikachu’s ears and cheeks. Make the ears small and triangular, and give the cheeks a round and smiling appearance.

Adding Pikachu’s Lightning Bolt-Shaped Tail

Pikachu is known for his unique lightning bolt-shaped tail. Follow these steps to complete your Pikachu drawing.

Starting from the back of Pikachu’s head, draw a curved line extending outward. This line represents the tail’s base. Then, use another curved line to create the curving shape of the tail itself. Lastly, add a few short, curved lines to form the distinctive lightning bolt shape.

Your Pikachu drawing is now complete!

Fine-Tuning the Drawing and Adding Final Details

In this final step, you will refine your drawing by adding the finishing touches and smaller details that bring Pikachu to life.

First, add the eyes. Pikachu’s eyes are oval-shaped and have a small white spot in the middle. To create depth, draw a slight curve at the top of each eye to represent the eyelid.

Next, draw Pikachu’s mouth. It should be small and triangular, slightly open to show his white teeth.

Finally, don’t forget to include the lightning bolt on Pikachu’s tail. It’s a simple zigzag line that adds character to your drawing.

Take a step back and observe your finished Pikachu head drawing. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired look.

Showcasing Your Completed Pikachu Head Drawing

Once you have completed your Pikachu head drawing, you can further enhance it with color and shading for a polished and professional finish.

Begin by outlining your drawing with a bold black pen or marker to make it stand out.

Next, color Pikachu’s body a vibrant yellow. Add black stripes to mimic his distinctive pattern. Make sure the stripes are evenly spaced and follow the contours of the body.

For shading, use a darker shade of yellow to add depth and dimension to Pikachu’s head. Apply this shade to areas that would naturally be in shadow, such as the bottom of the head and around the eyes.

To give your drawing a finishing touch, add highlights using a lighter shade of yellow. These highlights should be applied to areas where light would naturally hit, such as the top of the head and the cheeks.

Embrace your artistic flair and feel free to add additional details and embellishments to make your Pikachu head drawing unique.

Now that you’ve completed your Pikachu head drawing, take a step back and admire your masterpiece. You’ve successfully captured the essence of this beloved Pokemon character!

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to keep honing your drawing skills and experimenting with different techniques.

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