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25 Easy Snake Drawing Ideas – How to Draw a Snake

Doing some enjoyable sketching can be a fantastic way to unwind and pass the time. Not only does it help improve focus, creativity, hand-eye coordination, but it also boosts the self-esteem of kids. Are you interested in drawing a snake? Check out these 25 simple snake drawing ideas with step-by-step instructions, printable guides, and coloring pages.

Explore a Variety of Snake Drawing Ideas

This collection showcases 25 outstanding snake drawing projects suitable for kids and beginner artists. Not only are these drawings impressive but they also serve as educational tools to teach kids about different types of snakes. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate artist, there’s a snake drawing project here for everyone.

From Cute Cartoons to Realistic Snakes

These snake drawing ideas cover a wide range of snake types. You can find instructions for drawing cartoon snakes that are as cute as your kids. Additionally, there are tutorials for drawing realistic cobras, rattlesnakes, pythons, and coral snakes. You’ll also learn how to draw specific snake features such as the eyes and face. These snake drawings provide helpful tips for easily outlining snakes in various poses, sparking your artistic creativity.

1. Snake Drawing Step by Step Instructions

Is drawing a snake next on your reptile drawing list? Learn how to draw a cartoon snake like a pro with these step-by-step instructions and visual guides. This adorable snake drawing is easy to complete and suitable for beginners. The project consists of seven simple steps and features a snake with larger eyes, giving it an irresistibly cute appearance. Get ready to impress everyone with this lovable snake drawing!

2. Master Viper Snake Drawing

Snakes are often associated with evil and creepiness. If you’re up for a challenge, try drawing the Master Viper from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. This snake drawing project will test your skills in capturing the curves, skin texture, and facial features of the snake. With a small circle and a curved line, you can easily outline the snake and bring it to life. Get ready to conquer this intimidating yet captivating snake drawing!

3. Rattle Snake Step by Step Guide

The rattlesnake is a popular yet dangerous snake. This drawing project involves capturing the rattlesnake in an attacking pose, creating an exciting and slightly frightening result. It’s also a great opportunity to educate kids about different types of snakes. Follow the provided tutorial to learn how to draw this beautiful and dangerous creature. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity of this animal drawing project, especially when it comes to drawing curves.

4. Coiled Snake Drawing

If you’re looking for a quick and easy snake drawing project, try drawing a snake stacked in a coil. This project is perfect for students ranging from 1st to 5th grade. By following quick guides and instructions, you can easily complete this drawing, creating a cute and adorable snake. All you need is drawing paper, a black marker, and crayons. This snake drawing project can be completed in just 30 minutes or less.

5. Cool Snake Head Drawing

Drawing the face of a snake can be challenging, but this step-by-step tutorial will make it easier. Learn how to draw the snake’s head with all its intricate details. Once completed, you can add colors to the snake’s head and hang it on your wall as spooky wall art. Begin by outlining the snake’s face, which is open and ready to attack. As you progress, add custom details such as teeth and the snake’s tongue.

6. How to Draw a Snake

This project will guide you in drawing a crawling snake. With simple curves, you can easily outline the snake and incorporate skin details and texture. Start with an oval-like shape to draw the snake’s head. This project is quick, easy, and suitable for preschoolers and toddlers. By drawing a single curved line, you can complete this snake drawing effortlessly.

7. How to Draw a Black Racer Snake

Discover how to draw a realistic black racer snake with a brilliant skin texture pattern. The snake’s eyes and tongue add to its overall beauty. Begin by drawing an egg-like shape to outline the snake’s head and half of its body. Next, add the snake’s eyes, nostrils, and finish by drawing its tongue. This detailed snake drawing is perfect for engaging kids in craft activities.

8. Easy Way to Draw Snake

The rattlesnake is not only beautiful but also dangerous. Surprisingly, it’s fairly easy to draw. If you’re interested in creating a cartoon version of this snake, follow this 12-step drawing tutorial. The snake appears half standing and entices with its brilliant skin pattern and texture. Enhanced by its captivating eyes, tongue, and nostrils, this cartoon snake drawing can be completed in no time.

9. How to Draw a Snake for Kids

Looking for easy and quick drawing projects for 1st and 2nd-grade students? Try this sweet and cute snake drawing. It’s another brilliant cartoon snake drawing that kids can easily duplicate. By drawing a simple egg-like shape for the snake’s head and a curved line for the rest of its body, kids can complete this project in just 25 minutes or less. This adorable drawing is sure to become a favorite.

10. Simple Snake Drawing

Be inspired by this quick snake drawing in a stacked coil position, featuring a beautiful and cute face. Before completing this cartoon drawing, draw grid-like guidelines to easily outline the snake. Despite its cuteness, this snake is not evil and is suitable for kids. The larger eyes add to its charm. By following these quick and easy steps, you can complete this snake drawing in just 45 minutes or less.

11. How to Draw a Realistic Snake

Follow easy instructions to draw a realistic snake in just 9 steps. This drawing captures a long snake in a beautiful position, showcasing its top view. By outlining the snake like a chain and adding skin texture details, you can achieve a brilliant snake outline. The spot skin pattern adds an interesting touch to this drawing, making it ideal for artists with intermediate skill levels.

12. Draw Your Own Cobra Snake

If you enjoy seeing snakes in a defensive position, you’ll love this cobra drawing. This black cobra drawing is sure to frighten kids and adults with snake phobia. The drawing showcases the snake in a half-standing defensive position with fewer details. While most of the snake’s body appears blank, the standing part is filled with intricate skin texture details. Even beginners can draw this lovely, angry snake effortlessly.

13. How to Draw a Long Cartoon Snake – Snake Outline

Create another beautiful cartoon snake drawing with this snake outline guide. The snake appears with a larger head than its body, capturing attention with its cute teeth and tongue. Fill the snake with green color, and don’t forget to add a red tongue and inner mouth. The larger eyes enhance the snake’s cuteness. This completed drawing can serve as a great coloring page for kids, and adding nostrils is the finishing touch.

14. Snake Pictures to Draw for Beginners

Follow directions and instructions to draw a fabulous cartoon snake in a defensive position. Once again, this snake has a larger head and a smaller body. Its slithering tongue adds an interesting element. This cartoon cobra drawing is perfect for developing the drawing skills of young artists at home. You’ll receive step-by-step guides to easily outline this cobra snake, complete with an eye-catching skin texture.

15. Drawings of Cartoon Snake

Discover instructions for drawing another cute and easy cartoon snake. This snake appears in various shades of green and is easy to duplicate. The project is suitable for preschoolers and toddlers. You’ll receive comprehensive picture guides, from outlining the snake to adding custom colors. Drawing this snake will improve the focus, concentration, and hand-eye coordination of little kids.

16. How to Draw a Snake Skull

Explore different versions of snake drawings with this snake skull drawing. The drawing is beautifully evil and perfect for intermediate artists. Follow the provided instructions to outline the snake skull, gradually adding custom details. This drawing project will surely capture attention and become a favorite among artists. Frame it or place it on a flat surface for a stunning homemade piece of art.

17. Coral Snake Drawing

While this list contains instructions for drawing various snake types, it also covers drawing a coral snake with ease. This snake features a unique skin texture, and the completed drawing will leave everyone in awe. Fill in the custom skin texture details and let kids color this easy snake drawing project. It’s simple enough for kids to draw this beautiful coral snake.

18. Snake Eye Drawing with Pencil Colors

If you’re up for a challenge and want to test your drawing skills, try drawing a realistic snake eye using pencil colors. This advanced-level project involves drawing the inner black portion of the snake’s eye and adding snakeskin texture around it. The snake’s eye has a 3D appeal that appears to pop out of the surface. Feel free to use your favorite colors for the skin texture detail.

19. How to Draw a Japanese Snake

Learn to draw a Japanese snake comprehensively with detailed instructions. With plenty of curves and details, this snake drawing project is suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate artists. Start by drawing a curved line, which you can thicken to outline the beautiful Japanese snake. Add a red boundary around the snake as per its distinct appearance. Frame the completed drawing and hang it on your interior walls as a unique piece of handcrafted wall art.

20. Snake Scales Drawing

Want to draw a snake with realistic scales? Follow the provided guidelines to draw the snake’s scales like a pro. This project is quick and easy, even for beginners, and will enhance your drawing skills. The resulting snake drawings appear incredibly lifelike and might even frighten those who are afraid of snakes. Achieve mesmerizing 3D snake drawings by mastering this skill.

21. Snake Drawing with Rose

Looking for fancy snake drawing projects to boost creativity and drawing skills? Try this project that combines a snake with a rose. These step-by-step instructions will guide you through sketching the rose and snake. With shading, you can add depth to the drawing. This completed drawing can also be used as a gift card or gift wrap. Frame it and hang it on your favorite interior wall for a stunning decorative statement.

22. How to Draw a Ball Python Snake

Learn to draw a python with ease by following quick and easy directions. This project is perfect for kids’ holiday craft activities and can be completed by beginners. Start by outlining the snake’s curved body and draw the head with its intricate details. Add python skin spots and patterns for a realistic effect. This drawing project can be completed in no time.

23. How to Draw Snake Cobra Striking

Ready to draw the intimidating cobra snake? Follow these step-by-step instructions to draw a snake in an angry and defensive pose. Start by drawing the head and continue with the rest of the body, focusing on curves and custom details for the skin spots and texture. This project is relatively easy and will make you feel proud once completed. Mastering this snake drawing will give you the skills to draw a wide variety of snake poses.

24. How to Draw a Simple Snake

Draw a simple snake that can be used as a logo or monogram. This snake drawing project showcases the snake in a defensive position, evoking a sense of awe. Drawing a few curves and adding custom details will easily complete this snake drawing. It’s a great option for younger kids and can be included in coloring books. This quick and easy snake drawing only takes a few minutes to complete.

25. How to Draw a 3D Snake with Pencil

Join the trend of 3D drawings with this 3D snake drawing project. The snake appears incredibly realistic and will captivate onlookers. Frame the finished drawing or place it on a surface for everyone to admire. Mastering this project will make you an expert in drawing various types of snakes.


These 25 snake drawing ideas provide comprehensive instructions for drawing beautiful snakes. From cartoon snakes to Disney-inspired snakes to realistic snake drawings, there’s something for everyone. Each drawing idea comes with detailed diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and a list of required materials and tools. Explore this collection and choose your favorite projects to try with your kids.

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