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How to Draw a Shoe Step by Step

This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through the process of drawing a sneaker in six easy steps. With detailed line drawing examples, clear instructions, and coloring suggestions, you’ll be able to create a realistic and stylish shoe.

Shoe drawing step by step

Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles, but we’ll focus on a relatively simple design that makes it easy for you to follow along. The preview above showcases the different stages of the drawing.

To begin, use a pencil and make light lines. Don’t worry about precision just yet, as you’ll need to erase some small parts of the shoe’s outline in steps two to four. Once you’re satisfied with the overall shape, you can darken the lines before adding color.

Step 1 – Outline the Shoe

Start by sketching a simple outline of the sneaker as shown below. This outline will serve as the silhouette of the shoe, capturing its general shape.

Shoe outline drawing

Step 2 – Draw the Sole

Next, add the sole to the existing outline. Erase small sections of the front and back of the outline where it transitions into the shoe. The sole should be thinner in the front and middle part of the sneaker, gradually becoming thicker towards the heel.

Shoe sole drawing

Step 3 – Sketch the Tongue

In this step, add the tongue of the shoe. Once again, erase parts of the outline from step one as needed to create a seamless transition. The tongue adds depth and character to the sneaker.

Shoe tongue drawing

Step 4 – Add the Laces

Draw the shoe laces across the tongue, following the example provided. You may need to erase small sections of the drawing to make room for different parts of the lace. By completing this step, you will have a basic outline of the main components of the sneaker.

Shoe laces drawing

Step 5 – Refine the Details and Finalize the Line Drawing

To make the shoe more visually appealing, incorporate a few simple design elements. For example, you can create an “outline” around the foot opening (collar) and a short stripe along the side. Begin by outlining these areas using a light pencil. Then, draw little dashes along the outlined paths, using a darker pencil or a pen/marker. Darken the rest of your lines accordingly. Make sure you’re happy with your drawing before proceeding to the next step.

Shoe line drawing

Step 6 – Bring Your Shoe to Life with Colors

Now it’s time to add color to your sneaker. Feel free to use any medium you prefer, such as markers, paints, or colored pencils. For this tutorial, we recommend a blue main body, a very light yellow sole, and orange laces and collar. You can leave the tongue and stripe white for contrast.

Shoe drawing


Drawing sneakers can be a fun and rewarding exercise. The example in this tutorial showcases a simple design with an appealing color combination. However, don’t hesitate to modify and customize the shoe according to your preferences.

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Now grab your pencil and let your creativity flow!

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