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How to draw a snowflake: Easy snowflake drawing step by step tutorial

Explore the Art of Drawing Snowflakes

Discover the joy of drawing snowflakes with this straightforward and engaging step-by-step tutorial. As I was preparing my January Bullet Journal spreads, I was inspired to embrace a cold winter theme. While browsing through my previous December “Countdown to Xmas doodles,” I stumbled upon a delightful Christmas snowflake doodle, which led me to create more intricate snowflake designs in my sketchbook. In response to readers’ requests for snowflake templates, I’m excited to share six unique hand-drawn snowflake doodles. Get ready to unlock your creativity!

Fascinating Facts About Snowflakes

Learn how to create snowflake doodle easily

Before diving into the art of doodling snowflakes, it’s essential to understand a basic concept: snowflakes have six sides. This hexagonal structure arises from the way water molecules join together in ice crystals. As these molecules freeze, they form a distinct shape with six points or sides. To create realistic and natural-looking snowflakes, remember to make them with six points. The uniqueness of every snowflake allows you to experiment and add intricate details or maintain simplicity, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind drawings.

Gathering Your Doodle Supplies

To embark on this creative journey, gather the following supplies:

  • Paper, sketchbook, or your bullet journal
  • My personal favorite drawing pens: Sakura Pigma Micron

For an extra touch of magic, glitter pens can make your snowflake doodles shimmer and sparkle.

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Snowflakes

To begin doodling snowflakes, we’ll start with intersecting lines in the middle to ensure our snowflake has six points. However, do not feel bound by chemistry lessons while doodling; if you find it easier to create snowflakes with eight sides, go ahead! In fact, my eight-year-old daughter saw my doodles and made her own versions, most of which have eight sides, and they still look brilliant! For symmetrical snowflakes, start with two lines forming an X, followed by another line through the middle to achieve perfect symmetry for all six sides. Feel free to practice a bit before incorporating intricate snowflake details. Below, you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on how to create snowflakes.

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Easy Snowflake Drawing

This design is the most straightforward, requiring only an X shape and a cross through the middle to establish the initial six lines.

how do I draw a snowflake

Simple Snowflake Design

Another uncomplicated design, this one involves drawing straight strokes on each point, allowing for various designs. Feel free to experiment and create your unique variations.

snowflake math activities

Star Snowflake Doodle

This snowflake design can be completed in two simple steps, but I added a few extra lines to give it a star-like appearance.

how to draw a snowflake

Cool Snowflake Template

Adding lines to the center of the snowflakes enhances the prominence of their six points or sides.

snowflake coloring

Symmetrical Snowflake

I particularly love this design, which incorporates additional geometric shapes, resulting in a visually appealing snowflake.

star snowflake doodle

Doodle Snowflake Drawing

Starting with the initial six-point lines, you can add random elements to create a unique snowflake each time.

snowflake drawing design

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Have you created a snowflake doodle that you’re particularly proud of? Be sure to share it with us! We love seeing the incredible creations our readers come up with.

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How To Draw Snowflakes

Learn How to Draw Snowflakes with Ease

By following this simple step-by-step tutorial, you’ll unlock the art of drawing beautiful and intricate snowflakes. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the process of bringing these delicate winter wonders to life. So grab your supplies and let your imagination run wild as you create your own stunning snowflake designs. Happy drawing!

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