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How to draw a snowflake: Easy snowflake drawing step by step tutorial

Master the Art of Drawing Snowflakes

Learn the art of drawing a snowflake effortlessly with this step-by-step doodle tutorial. If you’re a fan of all things winter, this guide is perfect for you. During my January Bullet Journal setup, I decided to embrace the cold weather and incorporate a winter-themed bujo. While creating my daily countdown to Christmas doodles, I stumbled upon the idea of drawing a snowflake. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable doodle that I ended up sketching a few more unique snowflake designs in my sketchbook.

Our readers loved the concept so much that they started requesting snowflake templates. With such demand, I took it as an opportunity to create even more of these fantastic snowflake designs. Want to explore all six of my hand-drawn snowflake doodles? Keep reading!

Fascinating Snowflake Facts

Learn how to create snowflake doodle easily

To create an authentic snowflake doodle, it’s crucial to understand that snowflakes have a distinct six-sided structure. Every snowflake you’ll encounter has either six sides or points, thanks to the hexagonal arrangement of water molecules in ice crystals. When water molecules bond together and freeze, they form a unique shape with six points or sides. So, if you want to draw a realistic-looking snowflake, remember to depict it with six points. The beauty of snowflakes lies in their individuality, as no two snowflakes are alike. This means your snowflake drawings can be as intricate or as simple as you prefer!

Essential Doodling Supplies

In this tutorial, I’ve used the following supplies:

  • Paper, sketchbook, or your bullet journal
  • My personal favorite drawing pens: Sakura Pigma Micron

For an extra touch of fun, you can even use glitter pens to make your snowflake doodles shimmer!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Draw a Snowflake

To create your very own snowflake doodles, let’s start with the basic structure of six points. Draw lines that cross in the middle to ensure your snowflake has those six points. However, don’t feel confined by rigid rules. If it’s easier for you to draw snowflakes with eight sides, go ahead and do it! In fact, my 8-year-old daughter saw my doodles and started creating her versions, most of which have eight sides. And let me tell you, they’re absolutely brilliant!

For symmetrical snowflakes, I recommend beginning with two lines that form an “X.” Then, add another line through the center to make all six sides match perfectly. Before adding intricate details to your snowflake, take some time to practice the basic structure. Below, I’ve provided step-by-step tutorials on how to make various snowflake designs.

Want to learn how to draw doodles for every season and theme? Check out our extensive list of step-by-step doodle tutorials. It features easy-to-follow guides for drawings that anyone can recreate!

Easy Snowflake Drawing

This is the simplest design to start with. Remember to begin by drawing an “X” and crossing the middle to create the first step with six lines.

How do I draw a snowflake

Simple Snowflake Design

This design is equally straightforward, requiring easy straight strokes on each point to create different patterns. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique variation.

Snowflake math activities

Star Snowflake Doodle

In this design, you can stop at the second drawing, but I added a few more lines to give it a star-like appearance.

How to draw a snowflake

Cool Snowflake Template

To make the sides of your snowflake more prominent, add lines to the center. Snowflakes can have either six points or six sides.

Snowflake coloring

Symmetrical Snowflake

I love how this particular snowflake turned out, thanks to the addition of a few extra geometrical shapes.

Star snowflake doodle

Doodle Snowflake Drawing

Starting with the initial six-point lines, you can add random elements to create a truly unique snowflake.

Snowflake drawing design

Looking for more doodle fun? Try our doodle challenge or head over to our store for an abundance of easy doodle tutorials that everyone can enjoy recreating. Have you created a snowflake doodle that you love? We’d be thrilled to see it! Remember to share your masterpieces with us as we appreciate the creativity of our readers.

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How to draw snowflakes

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Master the Art of Drawing Snowflakes with Ease

With this step-by-step tutorial, you can now effortlessly create beautiful snowflake drawings. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the mesmerizing process of doodling unique snowflakes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these easy-to-follow instructions will guide you every step of the way. So grab your paper, pens, and let’s start drawing stunning snowflakes together!

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