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How to Draw Squirtle – A Step by Step Guide

The Pokemon franchise is home to a plethora of peculiar and captivating creatures. Among them, Squirtle often claims a special place in fans’ hearts. This water-type Pokemon has been a beloved character since the series’ inception, thanks to its adorable appearance and remarkable abilities. If you’re a Squirtle enthusiast looking to learn how to draw this delightful creature, you’re in luck! Our comprehensive step-by-step guide will show you just how effortless it can be to bring Squirtle to life on the page.

Let’s Get Started with Drawing Squirtle!

Step 1: Begin with the Head

drawing squirtle step 1

To kick off our guide on how to draw Squirtle, we’ll start by sketching its head. Squirtle’s head is predominantly round, with a slight protrusion at the bottom. Pay close attention to the reference image for guidance on capturing the intricate details of its eyes, which resemble ovals with flat bases. Inside the eyes, add curved lines to create the appearance of pupils. Lastly, draw a gentle, curved line to form Squirtle’s smiling mouth. With that, we conclude this step and move on to drawing its body!

Step 2: Start Drawing Squirtle’s Body

drawing squirtle step 2

Having successfully rendered Squirtle’s head, we progress to sketching its body. Before doing so, add nostrils and small lines above the eyes to enhance the level of detail. Next, draw a long, rounded line extending down from the head to form Squirtle’s belly. Proceed by adding curved lines to create its first arm, with two sharp points representing the small fingers at the end. Finally, use curved lines to depict the leg, ending in more pointed lines to represent the toes.

Step 3: Draw Another Arm and the Shell

drawing squirtle step 3

In this step of our guide, we’ll incorporate another arm and commence drawing Squirtle’s shell. Begin by sketching the arm, resembling a fat oval with sharp points at its extremities. Next, craft the shell by outlining its outer edge with a round line and adding a thin and twisting rim. Remember to leave a space at the bottom of the shell, as we’ll soon be drawing a leg there. Finish this step by adding curved shell details, and you’re ready to proceed!

Step 4: Draw the Other Leg and Tail

drawing squirtle step 4

Your Squirtle drawing is gradually taking shape now! In this step, we’ll add the final details before you dive into coloring. For the other leg, sketch another rounded shape with pointed ends. Finally, draw Squirtle’s round, swirly tail emanating from the back of the leg you recently drew. Now, let’s move on to the subsequent step and put the finishing touches on our illustration!

Step 5: Finalize the Details

drawing squirtle step 5

We’re almost ready to bring your Squirtle drawing to life with color, but first, let’s add some final details. Use straight lines to create a grid-like pattern on Squirtle’s belly, as depicted in the reference image. While these are the main details covered in this guide, don’t be afraid to add your personal touch. Consider modifying the facial expression or posture of Squirtle or even expanding the illustration with additional elements. Feel free to let your creativity run wild!

Step 6: Bring Squirtle to Life with Color

drawing squirtle step 6

This brings us to the sixth and final step of your Squirtle drawing! Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy the coloring process. As exemplified in our reference image, Squirtle’s primary colors are blue, yellow, and brown. However, don’t be afraid to introduce color variations for a more dynamic outcome. If you incorporated a background or other additional elements, this is an excellent opportunity to further experiment with colors and art tools. Let your imagination guide you as you put the finishing touches on your extraordinary creation!

5 Tips to Enhance Your Squirtle Drawing

Elevate your Squirtle sketch even further with these five creative suggestions:

  1. Incorporate Water Elements: Since Squirtle is a water-type Pokemon, consider including water-themed features or depicting it using water-based moves.
  2. Display Squirtle’s Evolution: Squirtle has two subsequent evolutionary stages – Wartortle and Blastoise. Show Squirtle’s growth by adding these evolved forms to your artwork.
  3. Include Other Pokemon: Introduce additional Pokemon to your Squirtle drawing, such as the fire-type Charmander or the grass-type Bulbasaur. This provides an opportunity to showcase your favorite Pokemon.
  4. Add Human Characters: Consider featuring notable human characters from the Pokemon series, like Ash Ketchum or your own custom-designed character.
  5. Design a Unique Background: Bring your Squirtle drawing to life by crafting a custom background. You can recreate a scene from the anime or games or create an entirely new setting.

Your Squirtle Drawing Is Complete!

Congratulations on reaching the end of our comprehensive guide on how to draw Squirtle! Though this drawing may have presented a challenge, breaking it down into manageable steps makes the process more enjoyable and accessible. Now it’s your turn to personalize and embellish your creation. Whether you choose to add a background, additional details, or props for Squirtle, we have utmost confidence in your artistic abilities!

For more drawing challenges and tutorials, be sure to visit our website. We continually update our collection with exciting new guides for you to explore. Once your Squirtle drawing is finished, we’d love for you to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to see the incredible ways in which you put your unique stamp on this Squirtle creation!

how to draw squirtle in 6 easy steps

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