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How to Draw a Frog (Step by Step with Pictures)

Do you find drawing animals challenging? Many people shy away from drawing animals because they believe it’s difficult. However, I’m here to tell you that learning to draw a frog is easier than you think. In just 10 simple steps, you can become a pro at drawing these amphibians. So let’s dive in and explore the step-by-step process of drawing a frog.

Drawing Supplies You’ll Need

Before we begin, gather your drawing materials. You can use any paper and pencil for this tutorial. However, if you’re looking for recommendations on the best tools for drawing, you can check out this link to our article.

Step 1: Sketch a Jelly Bean for the Frog’s Body

Let’s start by drawing a jelly bean shape. Make sure one end of the jelly bean is more pointed, while the other end is rounded. This shape will serve as a guide for the frog’s head and body.

Step 2: Add Circles for the Frog’s Eyes

At the rounded end of the jelly bean, draw a half-circle on top of the upper line. Then, inside the shape, draw a second circle slightly away from the first one. These circles will form the frog’s eyes.

Step 3: Sketch in the Frog’s Legs

Moving back to the bottom of the jelly bean shape, create a long “C” shape starting from the pointed end. Above the downturn of the body shape, draw a half-oval. Repeat this process further up the body, creating another half-oval, and then draw a small line below the bottom of the jelly bean. These shapes will serve as guidelines for the frog’s legs.

Step 4: Continue Drawing the Frog’s Legs

Around halfway to the center of the elongated “C” shape (representing the back leg), draw another “C” shape in the opposite direction. This will indicate where the frog’s knees bend in the hind legs. Complete this step by extending the guideline for the front leg without using fully straight lines.

Step 5: Erase Unnecessary Lines on the Frog’s Eyes

Remove any overlapping lines within the crescent moon shape of the frog’s eye. This step will help refine the eye shape.

Step 6: Erase Unnecessary Lines on the Frog’s Legs

Erase any overlapping lines on the hind leg closest to us. This will clean up the leg’s appearance.

Step 7: Draw the Frog’s Feet

It’s time to draw the feet! For the hind leg, draw a batwing shape and create a “stem” shape at the peaks to represent the toes. Since frogs have webbed feet at the back, make sure to show that. As for the front feet, simply draw three toes, making the middle toe slightly longer than the others.

Step 8: Add Details to the Frog’s Eye

Fill in the frog’s eye with the appropriate shading. Also, erase any overlapping lines from the front leg.

Step 9: Add Stripes to the Frog’s Back

Now it’s time to add some details. From the midpoint of the closest eye, draw two lines resembling racing stripes that extend to the frog’s bottom. These stripes will enhance the frog’s appearance.

Step 10: Highlight the Frog’s Eye

Finally, add a tear duct in the shape of a small triangle at the front of the closest eye. Then, carefully add highlights to give the eye a lifelike appearance. Congratulations! You’ve successfully drawn a cute little frog.

Learning how to draw a frog is a simple process that anyone can master. With practice and patience, you can create beautiful illustrations of various animals. If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to check out our other drawing guides, such as “How to Draw a Deer,” “How to Draw a Dolphin,” and “How to Draw a Dragon.” We also have an easy step-by-step tutorial for drawing cute dogs.

This drawing tutorial was shared by Carolyn. You can find more of her artwork and illustrations on her social media handles @ClazDesign. Additionally, don’t forget to explore her shop, where you’ll find amazing prints and other delightful creations.

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