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How to Draw Supergirl

how to draw supergirl

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw Supergirl. While this superhero shares similarities with Superman, we will focus on the distinct features that make Supergirl unique. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Construct the Basic Structure

To capture Supergirl’s dynamic flying pose, we need to begin by drawing the underlying skeleton. Start by referring to our guide on drawing the human body for more details.

Step 2: Refine the Facial Features and Torso

Supergirl gazes upwards, so pay attention to the lines on the face. Connect the head to the neck with a cylindrical shape. Then, using smooth lines, depict the torso while considering the natural curves of the body.

Step 3: Outline the Arms

The arms of Supergirl should be created using simple geometric shapes. However, female arms have a more refined and elegant appearance compared to those of men.

how to draw supergirl step by step easy

Step 4: Define the Legs

The legs of a female figure have slight variations compared to male legs. They are slightly wider at the hips and narrower at the knees and ankles.

Step 5: Add Facial Details

Now it’s time to add details to Supergirl’s face. Begin by drawing the eyes using horizontal lines. Then, depict the eyebrows above them, portraying a determined expression. Proceed to draw the nose and plump lips.

Step 6: Draw the Hair

Depicting Supergirl’s magnificent and voluminous hairstyle requires long, flowing lines. Keep in mind that her hairstyle can vary across different comics.

steps on how to draw supergirl

Step 7: Refine the Arms

Work on the finer details of the arms, using smooth lines to make them appear more seamless and complete. Don’t forget to add fingers, following the example provided by the artists at

Step 8: Refine the Legs and Add Boots

Apply the same refinement techniques to the lower body as you did for the arms. Pay attention to the proportions and contours of the legs, and don’t forget to draw distinctive boots.

Step 9: Create Supergirl’s Cape

Almost every old-school superhero possesses a cape, and Supergirl is no different. Use flowing lines to depict her cape, just as the artists at did.

Step 10: Draw the Iconic “S” Symbol

Depict the legendary “S” symbol on Supergirl’s chest. This part is identical to the symbol found on Superman’s costume. Refer to the image below for guidance.

supergirl drawing step by step

Step 11: Erase Auxiliary Lines and Add Final Touches

With the help of an eraser, remove any unnecessary guidelines from your drawing. Then, trace the image and add the finishing touches to enhance the overall appearance.

Step 12: Coloring Supergirl

Finally, let’s bring Supergirl to life by coloring her. The classic combination of red, blue, and yellow is used for her costume. If you followed the steps correctly, you have successfully completed this guide on how to draw Supergirl.

how to draw supergirl

We value your opinion. Did this Supergirl drawing tutorial help you? Do you enjoy learning how to draw superheroes? Let us know your thoughts and suggest new lessons you’d like to see on in the comments below.

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