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Supergirl Makeup and Hair Tutorial – Cosplay Supply Link

Begin Your Cosplay Journey with the Ultimate Supergirl Look

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Hello there, welcome to Cosplay and Coffee! I’m Tiffani, and if you’re here, chances are you’ve seen my YouTube Supergirl Makeup and Hair Tutorial. If that’s the case, you must have been captivated by my super skills and are eager to know where to find the products I used.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the Supergirl makeup and hair supplies I used, ensuring you can recreate the iconic look yourself. But before we dive in, let me share some essential tips to help you achieve the perfect Supergirl transformation.

Supergirl Makeup: Unleash Your Inner Heroine

When it comes to Supergirl makeup, I want to emphasize that it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of Melissa Benoist’s look. In fact, I discovered that reshaping my face to resemble hers didn’t make a significant difference. So, my recommendation for achieving the ideal Supergirl makeup is to stick to neutral colors. Avoid vibrant blues, reds, or comic-inspired shades, even if you’re going for a different version of the character.

Most of the makeup products I used can be easily found at Target, with the exception of the eyeshadow palette. If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend any e.l.f eyeshadow as a suitable alternative.

Regarding lip color, I didn’t mention it in the tutorial because I personally didn’t like it when I tried applying lipstick. Since my lips are naturally a dark red and I tend to lick them quite often, the color fades quickly throughout the day. For a subtle touch, opt for a light pinkish lip stain or lipstick.

Here are the Supergirl makeup products I used in my tutorial:

  • Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation
  • e.l.f Primer
  • Kat Von D Shade + Light palette (selecting colors on the right side)
  • e.l.f Black liquid eyeliner
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Very Black
  • Pink lip stain
  • Compact and fluffy brushes

Supergirl Hair Tutorial: Channel Your Inner Strength

If you found my tutorial confusing in any way, please feel free to reach out to me via direct message on Instagram. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the comments section under the video for any questions or clarifications. If I make any changes to my Supergirl hair routine, I’ll update the information here in this blog.

For achieving Supergirl’s iconic hair, here are the tools and products I used:

  • 2″ inch curling wand (check out the banner above for a visual)
  • Cibu Sashini thermal shine and heat protection spray
  • Wig alternative
  • Garnier hair spray
  • Got2b hairspray

Supergirl Cosplay Options: Find Your Perfect Fit

A few years ago, CosplaySky sent me this stunning Supergirl cosplay. If you want to see my full review, you can find it [here](insert review link). While I can’t vouch for the quality of other cosplay stores, I do want to mention that the current options available on Amazon may not meet your expectations.

If you’re interested in exploring alternative cosplay stores, here are a few that I highly recommend:

  1. [Cosplay Store 1](insert website link)
  2. [Cosplay Store 2](insert website link)
  3. [Cosplay Store 3](insert website link)

Join the Cosplay Transformation Journey

Would you like me to create more cosplay transformation videos? Perhaps this time, I could actually showcase a complete transformation. As an amateur makeup enthusiast, I can’t promise professional-level results, but I love learning new techniques. So, if I create a cosplay look that I’m particularly proud of, I’ll be sure to share the makeup transformation with all of you.

Thank you for inspiring me to take on new challenges. It’s always a pleasure to embark on this journey together.

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