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How to Draw Superman’s Face

How to draw Superman face

In this drawing lesson, we will show you an easy and fast way to draw Superman’s face. Drawing portraits can be a challenge, especially when it comes to capturing the likeness of a character from a comic book. However, we’ve simplified the process for you. Follow along and enjoy this new approach.

Step 1: Outlining the Face and Neck

To begin, sketch the contours of Superman’s face and neck. The face has a vertical oval shape with a flat upper part. The neck should be muscular and match the width of the head.

How to draw a superhero

Step 2: Creating Guiding Lines

Next, draw two intersecting lines as guidelines. The vertical line should divide the face into two equal parts, while the horizontal line represents the eye crease and sits slightly above the midpoint of the head.

How to draw a superhero head

Step 3: Defining the Features

In this stage, outline the main features of Superman’s face. Start with the eye sockets, using the horizontal guideline as a reference. Then, draw the ears, ensuring that the top edge aligns with the eyebrows and the bottom edge falls between the nose and mouth.

How to draw Clark Kent

Step 4: Adding Definition and Character

To make our hero more impressive, emphasize his jawline. Connect the ear and chin with two obtuse angles, giving Superman a strong and powerful appearance. Don’t forget to add the contours of the ear relief.

How to draw Superman

Step 5: Detailing the Facial Features

Now, it’s time to add the final details to the facial features. Draw the pupils and eyebrows, paying close attention to the positioning of the pupils as they greatly influence the expression and mood of your drawing.

How to draw Superman head

Step 6: Drawing the Nose, Lips, and Folds

Sketch the nasal wings and outline the tightly compressed lips. Avoid making the lips too plump, as it may give Superman a more feminine appearance. Don’t forget to add thin nasolabial folds for a realistic touch.

How to draw Superman

Step 7: Refining and Adding Hair

Erase any unnecessary lines from Superman’s face, then proceed to draw his hairstyle. You can experiment with different hair arrangements, but make sure to follow the direction from the roots to the tips.

Superman face drawing tutorial

Step 8: Adding Shadows for Realism

To bring Superman’s face to life, add shadows along the hairline. Leave highlights on larger strands of hair for added dimension. Remember to leave a gap between the shadow area and the face contour to avoid it looking like a beard.

How to draw Superman face

As we mentioned earlier, we are still exploring the world of portrait drawing. We value your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or reach out to us via our social media channels.

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