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How to Draw A Train – A Step by Step Guide

Trains have played a significant role throughout history, serving various purposes from transporting goods to providing luxurious travel experiences. Although their prominence may have diminished in modern times, the allure of these incredible and powerful machines remains strong. If you’ve ever wondered how to bring a train to life on paper, then you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we will teach you the art of drawing a train. So, let’s embark on this creative journey together!

how to draw train in 9 steps

Let’s Get Started: How to Draw a Train

Step 1 – Front of the Train

train drawing step 1

To begin, we will focus on the front of the train. Using straight lines, create the body of the locomotive. Refer to the provided image to guide you. The train’s bottom will be drawn later.

Step 2 – Wheels of the Train

train drawing step 2

No train can move without wheels! In this step, draw two circles and connect them with a line. Simple yet essential!

Step 3 – Chimney and Wheel Details

train drawing step 3

Many trains rely on coal power, requiring a chimney to release the resulting smoke. Begin by drawing two short lines extending from the front of the train for the chimney. Then, create a rounded shape with a flat top. To complete this step, add smaller circles inside the wheels for more realistic details.

Step 4 – Front Door of the Train

train drawing step 4

Let’s add a door to the front of the train! Draw a rectangle and then horizontally intersect it with two lines. As a final touch, include a tiny circle as the door handle.

Step 5 – Second Section of the Train

train drawing step 5

You’re making great progress! Now, draw the next carriage of the train. Extend a rectangular shape from the front and connect it with two short lines. To finish off, copy the wheels from the previous section onto this carriage.

Step 6 – Third Carriage

train drawing step 6

In this step, we’ll create another carriage. Simply reproduce the previous one behind the train’s main body to complete this section.

Step 7 – Tracks Beneath the Train

train drawing step 7

Drawing the tracks is essential for the train’s context. If it helps, use a ruler for precision. Draw a horizontal line beneath the train, touching the wheels. Then, draw another line parallel to the first, ensuring a small gap between them. Your train is now on track!

Step 8 – Smoke from the Chimney and Final Details

train drawing step 8

Before moving on to the final step, it’s time to add more life to your drawing. Draw a billowing plume of smoke rising from the chimney. Use curved lines to create the effect. Feel free to add any additional details you desire, such as windows or a captivating background.

Step 9 – Infuse Colors into Your Train

train drawing step 9

Now, it’s time to bring your train to life using colors! Trains can sport a variety of vibrant or muted shades, depending on your preference. Consider using watercolor paints for a classic touch, but let your imagination run wild. Experiment with different mediums and color combinations to make your drawing truly remarkable.

5 Tips to Elevate Your Train Drawing

Keep your artwork on the right track with these five helpful tips!

  1. Explore Different Train Variations: The world of trains is diverse, from steam-powered locomotives to freight trains. While our guide focuses on one design, feel free to modify elements to create your unique train variation. Reference actual train images to inspire your creativity.

  2. Enhance Track Details: Although we kept the track design simple, you can elevate your drawing by adding more intricate details. Using a ruler for straight lines will significantly enhance the visual appeal.

  3. 3D Smoke Effect: Make the smoke from the chimney stand out by experimenting with thicker art mediums or even crafting materials. Consider using cotton wool to give the smoke a three-dimensional appearance.

  4. Create a Train Logo: Many trains proudly display logos of the railroad or company they belong to. You can sketch a logo of a real train company or invent one of your own. Let your imagination run wild and give your train a unique identity.

  5. Play with Colors: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color palettes. Some trains feature bold and bright hues, while others exude a more subdued elegance. Choose the combination that best suits your artistic vision.

Your Train Drawing is Complete!

Congratulations on completing this step-by-step train drawing guide! We hope you found this tutorial both informative and enjoyable. Breaking down the drawing process into simple steps makes creating intricate artwork more accessible.

Now that you possess the skills to draw a train, it’s time to make it truly your own. Add your personal touch by incorporating unique details or creating a captivating background. Let your artistic flair shine by exploring different colors and art mediums. Unleash your creativity!

Remember, your drawing journey doesn’t end here. Visit our website for more inspiring step-by-step guides. We continually update our collection, so check back often for fresh content.

Once you’ve finished your train drawing, we would love to celebrate your masterpiece. Share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to admire your creativity!

how to draw a train in 9 easy steps

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