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Drawing trees for kids- step by step tree drawing

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to draw a tree using a combination of letter “y” and “v” shapes. Scroll down to find a complete video lesson on drawing trees for kids!

Materials Needed

You can use any writing or coloring utensil you have on hand – markers, crayons, or pencils. Additionally, make sure to have drawing paper in the size of your choice.

If you plan on adding color to your tree drawing using the marker painting method discussed in this post, it is important to use permanent markers. This will prevent the drawing from smudging when water is added later.

To follow along with this step, you will need washable markers, like Crayola watercolor markers, water, and a paintbrush.

Creating a Stylized Tree Drawing

Before you start, it is helpful to observe a real tree either in nature or through photos. Having a reference on hand will assist you in drawing more realistic trees.

The goal is to move away from drawing trees that resemble lollipops or clouds on sticks. While these styles are perfectly fine starting points and represent the different parts of a tree, by taking your time, carefully observing, and adding a few key details, you can create trees that look incredibly lifelike.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Tree

Take note that when a branch has a smaller branch growing off of it, it forms a “Y” or a “V” shape. Look at how all the branches, from the trunk down to the tiniest branches, start off thicker and gradually become thinner as they extend upwards and outwards.

Keeping these concepts in mind as you learn how to draw a tree will result in much more realistic-looking trees.

Drawing the Tree Trunk

Let’s begin our tree drawing by sketching the trunk. Similar to the branches, the tree trunk should be wider at the base and slightly narrower as it reaches the top.

Connect the bottom with an irregular, wavy line. Remember that elements in nature are not perfectly symmetrical, so your drawings don’t have to be either!

Now is a good time to fill in the space inside the trunk with some shading. You can add scribbles, lines, or textures to bring the trunk to life and help it blend seamlessly with the branches you’ll be drawing later.

Drawing the Tree with “Y’s” and “V’s”

The next step is to incorporate 3-5 large branches that spread out from the main trunk in a “V” shape. Remember that these branches should start off thicker and gradually become thinner as they extend upwards and outwards. Use shading to fill in any white space between the branches.

Expanding the Tree Drawing

This tree drawing can be as simple or as complex as you or your young artists choose to make it. For every branch, there can be smaller branches that further branch off, each one going from thick to thin.

This pattern can be repeated indefinitely until you achieve the desired shape and complexity for your tree drawing. There is no one perfect place to stop, so feel free to let your creativity flow.

Adding Color to Your Tree Drawing

At this point, your tree drawing is complete. You have learned key concepts that will make drawing any tree easier!

If you would like to add color to your tree drawing, you can use a technique called “painting with markers.” This method allows you to achieve the look of watercolor paints in a simple and mess-free way. It preserves the details of your tree drawing while adding vibrant hues.

Using watercolor markers, such as basic Crayola markers, add some splotches of color. They don’t need to be perfect or solid; leaving some white space is actually desirable in this case.

Next, take a clean paintbrush dipped in water and gently apply it to the marker-colored areas of your tree drawing. Slowly, the marker will begin to liquify and blend, creating the appearance of watercolor paint. Be careful not to overwork this step; simply add the water and allow it to work its magic over time.

Video Lesson: Learn How to Draw Trees Using “Y’s” and “V’s”

If you prefer visual learning, follow along with this free video lesson to master the art of drawing trees the easy way.

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