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21 Easy Tree Drawing Ideas

Are you interested in honing your tree drawing skills or looking for fresh inspiration to incorporate into your artwork? Look no further because I’ve compiled a list of 21 easy tree drawing ideas just for you!

These tree drawing ideas are simple, intuitive, and inspiring, making them the perfect starting point for your drawing journey. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just beginning, these ideas are suitable for everyone. Don’t hesitate to practice and experiment with different techniques to overcome any artistic obstacles you may face.

For these drawings, I used basic materials such as drawing paper, pens, watercolors, and pencils. If you’re curious about the specific supplies I used, you can find them below.

  • I used this notebook for the paper.
  • These pens and pencils were my go-to for drawing.
  • To add vibrancy to the trees, I primarily relied on these watercolors.
  • And to maintain precise spacing, I used a simple ruler.

I hope you find joy in exploring these fun and creatively decorated trees, just as much as I did. Feel free to share your favorite drawings and enjoy the process!

Youtube Video: Tree Drawing Ideas in Action!

1. Finger Printed Flowering Tree

Looking for a fun art therapy project? Try finger painting a flowering tree! Start by painting the tree’s base and then use your fingertips, q-tips, or any other small round-tipped object to create the leaves. Feel free to add leaves in motion surrounding the branches or outlining the trunk. Experiment with different seasons for a varied experience.

2. Patterned Line and Dot Trees

These minimalist tree designs feature distinct dot and line work for the greenery. Explore different shapes and line styles to create unique variations. Play around with the number of accenting shapes and adjust the spacing based on the available space.

3. Evergreen Tree Line

Capture the festive and cheerful spirit of evergreen trees with this customizable drawing. Make small marks evenly down the base of the tree to achieve a more structured appearance. Add color to enhance its festive vibe!

4. Watercolor Classic Tree

Experiment with watercolors by painting a classic tree. Blend different colors for the foliage and trunk to create a vibrant artwork. Try incorporating accent marks that represent different seasons. If you’re new to watercolor painting, check out these easy watercolor hacks.

5. Watercolor Flowering Tree

Celebrate the arrival of warmer weather with a flowering tree drawing. Begin by sketching the tree lightly in pencil, and then use your chosen watercolors to bring it to life. You can also try using yellow flowers for a beautiful touch. If you enjoy this flowering tree, you’ll love these easy flower painting ideas too!

6. Trio of Trees

Create a simple trio of trees as an easy project for anyone. Experiment with different textural elements in the trees to suit your comfort level. Use a ruler to mark the page evenly and maintain consistent spacing between the tree trunks.

7. Different Types of Trees

This idea allows you to practice drawing different types of trees in a single artwork. While there are more examples later in the post, this one features classic-looking trees. Mark the page evenly to ensure proper spacing for drawing the trees. You can also turn this tree line into a cute present or a homemade card.

8. Smiley Face Tree

Give your tree a personality by adding a smile to the trunk. Why not draw different emotions on various trunks and create a small forest full of feelings? These easy mushroom drawing ideas would make a perfect addition to your forest!

9. Wintry Tree Line

The next few tree lines offer an opportunity to practice various tree styles. This particular one features minimal wintry trees without any leaves. Drawing simple trees on the same page creates a charming scene. Use a ruler to measure four equidistant marks at the tree trunks for consistent spacing, then draw each tree. These tree lines can be turned into delightful art prints or lovely homemade cards. Add color if desired or keep them as they are!

10. Twirly Tree Line

Bring your ruler back to draw twirly trees with evenly marked spacing. Add differently sized spirals or rings to provide depth and dimension to the trees. Experiment with additional details that suit your preferences.

11. Cute Tree Line

What makes this idea so enjoyable is the flexibility to create patterns inside some of the trees. Add as much or as little detailing as you desire. The cleaner and more distinct the lines, the more attractive the results will be. Experiment with adding colors using watercolors, markers, or colored pencils.

12. Minimal Tree Line

These minimalist trees offer room for experimentation with their greenery. Try different shapes or sizes to change the intensity of the image.

13. Series of Trees

This technique allows you to practice drawing various trees in a single artwork. Add multiple baselines using a straight edge to expand your drawing possibilities. Once you’ve tried your hand at smaller-scale trees, enlarge one of them on another page to practice sizing. This approach is an excellent way to improve your skills while starting with a simple subject.

14. Short and Tall Tree

Explore different shapes and sizes by drawing short and tall trees side by side. Use this exercise to improve your understanding of spacing and perspective. Practice drawing them in various sizes and shapes to enhance your skills.

15. Minimalist Tree

If you struggle with drawing leaves, this minimalist approach is perfect for you. By drawing the leaves minimally, you can achieve the desired shape without investing too much time in intricate details. This tree design is ideal for creating general occasion cards. Add color or small details, or keep it as is for a charming homemade card. This tree would also make a nice addition to journal aesthetics!

16. Tree Swing

Imagine a classic swing attached to a tree. You can keep it as simple as a plank seat or go for a tire swing or any other classic swing design. Add additional elements to create a playful scene or indicate the season in which the tree exists.

17. Bending Tree

A field of bending trees creates a beautiful landscape. Experiment with bends in different directions when drawing more than one tree to add complexity to the image. Adding blooms would also enhance the overall effect.

18. Sitting on a Hill Under a Tree

Create a serene moment by drawing a person sitting under a tree on a hill. Keep it minimal with limited shading or fill it in for a more detailed look. This drawing would make a thoughtful gift, especially when framed. It would look lovely in a nursery or child’s room.

19. Storybook Tall Tree

This tree design evokes images from classic children’s literature, such as “The Giving Tree.” Feel free to add as many branches as you’d like. For added fun, consider placing goofy items amidst the branches or create an entire row for a forest edge effect.

20. Apple Tree

Fruit trees deserve a spot on this list too! Keep it simple and sweet by customizing the tree with your preferred fruit, whether it’s cherries, peaches, pears, or something else. You can draw a whole orchard or incorporate one of these trees into a pastoral scene you’re working on. It’s versatile and easy to implement!

21. Abstract Fallen Foliage

For a unique perspective, try drawing the forest floor filled with leaves, grasses, and fungi. Start by going in a round, drawing specific parts throughout the space. Once you finish one item, move on to the next. This approach allows you to create an enticing woodland composition.

So, pick up your drawing tools and have fun exploring these easy tree drawing ideas. Remember to embrace your creativity and make each drawing your own. Happy drawing!

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