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How To Draw a Unicorn – Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids


Unicorns are truly magical creatures loved by many kids. If you’re searching for a simple way to teach kids how to draw unicorns, you’re in luck! We’ve created an easy step-by-step guide specifically designed for children. So, grab your pencils and coloring materials, and let’s get started! You can even add a touch of glitter to make it extra magical!

What You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Eraser
  • Surface to draw on
  • Feeling creative? Add some glitter!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Draw a Unicorn

Step 1: Begin with the Muzzle of the Unicorn

Start by drawing the head of the unicorn, specifically the muzzle. Create a “V” shape with a rounded bottom. The bottom part will represent the mouth, so make sure it’s not too boxy.

Step 2: Draw in the Back of the Neck

From the forehead area, curve upwards to form the head of the unicorn and then downwards to create the neck. The neck should have a slight wave to it, rather than being completely straight.

Step 3: Add the Eye

Draw a complete circle as the eye of the unicorn, and include two smaller circles inside to make it glisten. Unicorn Steps 1-3

Step 4: Start the Body of the Unicorn

Position your pencil in the middle of the right line of the muzzle, and draw a curved line downwards to the left. This will form the chest of the unicorn. From the chest, draw a straight line down to create the front left leg. Finish off the leg with a rectangular shape.

Step 5: Continue by Adding the Belly

In this step, add a slightly curved line to the right, which will connect with the back leg in the following step.

Step 6: Draw in the Back of the Body and the Back Leg

Start by drawing the back, roughly parallel to the belly. Then, round off the back to form the top part of the thigh. Next, add two lines from the body and the top of the thigh to create the leg. This should angle towards the bottom right. Complete the leg with a rectangular shape. Unicorn Steps 4-6

Step 7: Fill in the Other Legs

We’ve drawn the left legs so far, now it’s time to add the right legs. The back right leg can have the same shape as the other back leg. The front leg can be straight or bent. If it’s straight, you can either make it the same as the other front leg or angle it out for a more powerful stance. If you prefer a bent leg, give it a curved shape to create a bent knee. Lastly, add the hoof lines to complete all the legs.

Step 8: Give the Unicorn a Tail

Unicorns have beautiful tails, so draw a large and flowing tail at the back of the unicorn. You can achieve this by drawing multiple bunches of hair, creating a thick and luscious tail.

Step 9: Add in a Horn, Hair, and Ears

Now, let’s focus on the most recognizable part of the unicorn – the horn! Draw a spiral-shaped horn on the forehead, with a diagonal line. At the bottom of the horn, add a tuft of hair and include an ear. Unicorn Steps 7-9

Step 10: Draw in a Luscious Mane

Finish off your unicorn drawing by adding a glorious mane. Start behind the ear and let it flow down over the left leg.

Step 11: Add a Few More Details

To add some extra details, draw a curved line across the bottom part of the muzzle. Then, draw a small oval towards the front of the muzzle as the unicorn’s nose. Finally, add a curved line underneath as its mouth.

Step 12: Give it Some Colors

Now comes the fun part – coloring! While we personally like pink for our unicorns, feel free to get creative and make them as colorful as you wish. And there you have it, your very own unicorn drawing! Unicorn Steps 10-12

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