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How To Draw A Unicorn Head For Kids

Have you ever wondered how to draw a cute unicorn head like professional artists do? In just six simple steps, you can create your own unicorn masterpiece. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Drawing the Face from the Side

To begin, start at the top of the nose where the hairline will be. Sketch out a shape resembling a plump bowling ball lying on its side. This will form the unicorn’s nose and jawline. Feel free to experiment with line thickness to add depth and interest to your drawing.

Step 2: Adding the Unicorn Bangs

Unicorns are known for their flowing hair, and we want to capture that sense of movement in our drawing. Think of a crashing wave on a beach as you sketch out the bangs. Use flowing, sweeping lines with sharp points to create a dynamic effect.

Step 3: Drawing the Horn

Now it’s time to draw the iconic unicorn horn. Begin by sketching a long and pointy cone shape. Fill it with diagonal lines to suggest a spiral pattern. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, try breaking down the horn into segments with bulging middles and pointed ends. Each segment can resemble a leaf shape.

Step 4: Shaping the Neck and Throat

The back of the neck should start at the level of the bangs and curve downward in an elegant arc, extending past the jawline. The front of the neck can be represented by a short, angled line.

Step 5: Capturing the Unicorn Mane

The mane follows the shape you established for the neck but appears bigger and more voluminous. Start from the horn and draw a wave-like crest similar to the bangs. Continue the line, swooping downward to end in a point. For an added touch, draw a sweeping, hook-like shape connecting to the throat. These lines create a curly lock of hair. Connect this lock to the mane with a third line that starts from the shoulder area. When done correctly, the mane will flow down the back of the neck and cascade over the shoulder.

Step 6: Fine Details for the Unicorn’s Features

Now, let’s add the finishing touches to bring our unicorn head to life. Draw an arc to represent the closed eye and add short lines for the eyelashes. Sketch an eyebrow above the eye. For the nostrils, draw narrow, closely-spaced lines to mimic their appearance from an angle. Finally, add some accents in the hair, following the outer curves to give it more texture.

Adding Color and Highlights (Optional)

If you’d like to add color and highlights to your drawing, go ahead and fill in the face, hair, and horn with your preferred colors. Consider the direction of the light source in your imagined scene. If the light is coming from the left, you can create the illusion of highlights by adding light-colored lines to areas where the light would naturally hit, causing reflections. Alternatively, you can leave these areas uncolored to achieve a similar effect.

For a helpful video tutorial on drawing another unicorn head, click here. To download a printable version of this tutorial, click here.

Remember, with a bit of practice and creativity, you’ll soon be able to draw adorable unicorn heads effortlessly!

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