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How to Draw a Watermelon Slice Step by Step

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing a watermelon slice. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, you’ll be able to create a simple yet visually appealing watermelon slice in no time.

Watermelon slice drawing step by step

Before we begin, remember to approach this drawing with a pencil, allowing you to make light lines that can be easily erased if needed. You can darken the lines in step three before adding color.

Step 1 – Outline the Slice

Watermelon slice outline drawing

Start by sketching the overall shape of the watermelon slice, resembling a half oval. Since the drawing is in a 3/4 view, one side of the outer skin will be visible. To depict this, draw a curved line on one side of the main outline.

Step 2 – Depict the Rind

Watermelon slice rind drawing

Next, add the rind by drawing a line that follows the outer shape of the slice. Be mindful of the thickness of the line, ensuring it is neither too thick nor too thin. The rind contributes to the overall appearance of the watermelon slice.

Step 3 – Incorporate the Seeds & Refine the Drawing

Watermelon slice line drawing

Now, it’s time to add the seeds. Arrange the seeds in a curved pattern, pointing their tips towards the center of the slice. Place them between the rind and the upper or middle part of the pulp. Once you have outlined all the seeds, trace over the lines using a darker pencil or a black pen/marker.

Step 4 – Bring the Watermelon Slice to Life with Color

Watermelon slice drawing

Give life to your watermelon slice by adding color. Use red for the pulp, light yellow/green for the rind, dark green for the outer skin, and dark brown for the seeds. Leave a small white area within each seed to create a reflection or highlight effect, giving them a wet and shiny appearance.

Feel free to use paints, markers, or colored pencils for coloring. If you desire vibrant colors like the example, markers or gouache paints are recommended. If you’re using opaque paints, color the seeds brown, let them dry, and then add the reflections using white paint. Alternatively, you can use a white correction pen to add the reflections after coloring.


Drawing a watermelon slice is a delightful and achievable task, thanks to its simple shape with minimal details, primarily the seeds. When you incorporate vibrant colors, your finished drawing will appear even more appealing. Remember to experiment and have fun with different fruits and objects!

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