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32 Quilting Supplies for Beginners & Beyond (Tested)

Are you new to quilting or looking to expand your quilting toolkit? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of essential quilting tools that have been tried and tested by the quilting community. Whether you prefer machine quilting or hand quilting, these supplies will help you create beautiful quilts. Plus, we’ve included some nice-to-have tools that you may want to explore as you advance in your quilting journey.

Essential Quilting Tools for Beginners:

  1. 45mm rotary cutter: A cutting tool with a circular blade that allows for quick and accurate fabric cuts.
  2. Spare rotary cutter blades: Keep your cutter sharp for clean and precise cuts.
  3. Cutting mat (at least 21″ big): Protect your work surface and prevent fabric slippage while cutting.
  4. Fabric scissors (1 large & 1 small): Essential for quick snips and trimming excess thread.
  5. Quilting ruler (6″ x 24″): Use with a rotary cutter to slice fabric in straight lines and measure accurately.
  6. Measuring tape: Required for measuring beyond the length of your ruler.
  7. Fabric markers: Draw sewing guidelines on fabric for precise stitching.
  8. Masking or painters tape: Useful for taping quilt blocks, labeling pieces, and temporarily joining fabric together.
  9. Sewing or quilting pins: Hold fabric layers together before sewing to prevent shifting.
  10. Safety pins (ideally curved): Secure quilt layers together while quilting.
  11. Hand quilting needles: Ideal for hand sewing parts of the quilting and binding process.
  12. Basic sewing machine: A straight stitch sewing machine is all you need to start quilting.
  13. Sewing machine needles: Replace needles regularly to ensure smooth stitching.
  14. Thread: Choose the appropriate thread weight for each quilting task.
  15. Walking foot: Prevent fabric layers from shifting while sewing with this essential attachment.
  16. 1/4″ foot: Achieve accurate 1/4″ seam allowances effortlessly.
  17. Seam ripper: A must-have for undoing stitching mistakes.
  18. Iron & ironing board: Essential for pressing fabric and seams.
  19. Color-catcher laundry sheets: Prevent excess fabric dyes from ruining your quilt.

Nice-to-have Quilting Tools:

  1. Bias tape maker: Create your own bias tape for binding and finishing quilts.
  2. Sewing clips: Temporary fabric holders that are easy to use and don’t cause fabric damage.
  3. Thimble: Protect your fingers when hand sewing.
  4. 14″ – 20″ quilting hoop: Maintain even tension while hand quilting your projects.
  5. Hera marker: Make creases on fabric without drawing on it, allowing for easy ironing.
  6. Spray baste: Secure quilt layers together before sewing with a convenient spray adhesive.
  7. Safety pin closer: A tool that makes closing safety pins easier and faster.
  8. Quilting guide for your walking foot: Sew evenly spaced lines without marking each one.
  9. Binding foot: Attach bias binding in one go for a neat and efficient finish.
  10. Quilting gloves: Improve grip and protect your hands while quilting.
  11. Wool pressing mat: Conveniently press seams next to your sewing machine.
  12. Other types of quilting rulers: Specialty rulers for specific cutting and trimming tasks.
  13. Non-slip ruler stickers: Increase grip and accuracy when using your quilting ruler.

Now that you have a comprehensive list of quilting supplies, you’re ready to embark on your quilting journey! Remember, these tools are not essential for beginners but can enhance your quilting experience as you gain more expertise. Happy quilting!

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