Exploring Scelidosaurus: Revealing Utah’s Prehistoric Links through Discovery

Let’s introduce you to Scelidosaurus! While the original fossil hails from Charmouth, England, a lifelike replica has found its home at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site in Utah.

But this fascinating creature is more than a mere visitor; it’s quite likely that Scelidosaurus or its close relatives once roamed the ancient landscapes of Utah.

Around 190 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, the continents were positioned differently. North America and Europe were far closer than they are today. While we haven’t stumbled upon definite Scelidosaurus fossils in Utah, our region has offered intriguing clues.

The very footprints found here closely resemble those of Scelidosaurus. And in neighboring Arizona, researchers discovered bone armor scutes strikingly similar to those of Scelidosaurus.

These findings paint an exciting picture, suggesting that armored dinosaurs, or their kindred species, might have wandered the sandy terrain that once blanketed Utah.

The picturesque orange-red cliffs surrounding St. George and southern Utah tell a story of their own. These same cliffs are remnants of the ancient sand dunes where Scelidosaurus once roamed freely.

But there’s more to explore! Don’t miss the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Scelidosaurus and its prehistoric relatives. Mark your calendar for June 8th and join us at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site for our special Armored Dinosaur Paleo Talk.

Our Paleo Talks are a series of summer events, taking place every Thursday from June 1st to August 10th. The best part? Admission includes access to this exciting event, where you can unearth the mysteries of Utah’s prehistoric past.

Come and discover the connections that bind Scelidosaurus to our very own backyard!


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