Greek Archaeological Discovery of Enormous Skeletons Illuminates Biblical Accounts of Powerful Beings

I was intrigued recently when someone sent me a series of photos purporting to depict the skeletons of giants unearthed at archaeological sites. These images aimed to showcase the alleged remains of ancient humans excavated at significant locations. Here’s an exploration into this captivating subject.

However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that these photos were manipulated. You can view them on, accompanied by an insightful analysis by our expert David Emery: “Giants in Greece — Analysis.”

These images turned out to be edited versions of a 1993 photo from a dig by the University of Chicago. The original photo can be seen here.

Examining the details, one can observe the inconsistency of the skull image with the rest of the photograph. The inserted segment appears flat, and curiously, one of the workers at the site seems to have his foot on the skull.

Despite this revelation, the falsification of some photos doesn’t necessarily discredit the Bible’s accounts of the Nephilim and other giants.

The Bible’s narrative about the Nephilim is found in Gen. 6:1,2,4 — you can refer to Bible texts here. According to this account, the Nephilim were the offspring of angels mating with human women. However, it’s likely that they were still entirely human, with no descendants possessing anything other than ordinary human attributes.

The Bible does not specify the height of the Nephilim. It does mention that Goliath, the Philistine giant, was six cubits and a span tall, roughly 2.9 meters or 9 1/2 feet — as documented in 1 Sam. 17:4.

Interestingly, this stature is not significantly greater than some modern humans. A list on Wikipedia details the tallest people recorded in contemporary times.

In a recent blog post, I delved into the question of how large a human could realistically become, considering the constraints of physics and biology — see “Could Giant Humans Exist?”

Discovering fossil remains of pre-flood humans that were formidable and challenging to reconstruct is not out of the realm of possibility. The floodwaters may have obliterated human remains with layers of sediment. Additionally, the flood could have eradicated food sources, necessitating their reseeding by birds after the flood subsided.

A noteworthy archaeological claim was made by a group conducting excavations on Mount Ararat, where they reported uncovering a wooden structure built by the patriarch Noah — read more in “Group Claims New Noah’s Ark Find in Ararat.”

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