Preserving the Undead: Unveiling Techniques for the Amazing Preservation of Vampire Corpses

The article discusses the amazing preservation techniques used to keep vampire corpses preserved, focusing on a discovery in 1994 in a Dominican Church in Vac, Hungary.

The forgotten crypt contained coffins with the remains of 265 individuals dating back to the 19th century. Many of the bodies were remarkably well-preserved, with skin, hair, and clothing still intact.

The “crypt mummies” are rare but believed to be preserved due to the cool, dry air inside the crypt and the oil from the pine boards of the coffins preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The combination of these factors is crucial for preservation. The curator in charge of the Vac mummies, Ildiko Schikossy, shared insights into the conditions within the crypt that influenced preservation.

The article features the Orlovits family as part of the “Mummies of the World” exhibit, showcasing some of the best-preserved bodies from the Vac Crypt.

Michael Orlovits, the head of the family, died at 41, leaving behind his wife, Veronica, who suffered from chronic tuberculosis. Veronica remarried but died a year and a half later. The article mentions ongoing tests to determine if Veronica had gastric cancer.

The majority of individuals found in the crypt had tuberculosis, providing a unique opportunity for researchers to study the disease’s historical progression.

By examining centuries-old bodies afflicted with tuberculosis, researchers gain insights into how the disease has changed over time, contributing to a better understanding of its nature and potential future treatments.

The article also mentions the meticulous reproduction of the original garments found on the mummies for display, with the originals being used by scholars to study the history of textile manufacture in Europe.

Additionally, the piece includes related posts on other archaeological discoveries, such as an ancient human skeleton buried alive for over 2,000 years, pre-Inca “mummies” emerging from tombs in Peru, and mysterious jade rings and a dagger belonging to a couple holding hands for five millennia.

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