Unveiling a Fascinating Discovery: Iron Age Chariot and More Found in Yorkshire

In an astonishing archaeological revelation, an Iron Age chariot has been unearthed in a Yorkshire village, England, marking the second such discovery within just two years.

This extraordinary find occurred at a construction site amidst the ongoing development of over 200 houses in the town of Pocklington, East Yorkshire. The anticipation is high among archaeologists as they prepare for an extended excavation that promises to illuminate a historical tapestry extending over 2,500 years.

Rediscovering the Iron Age Chariot

The story of the Iron Age chariot commenced in October 2018 when it was originally brought to light. Recent reports reveal that this rediscovery not only includes the chariot but also encompasses horse remains and human remains.

Simon Usher, Managing Director at Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, shared his insight on this discovery, stating, “We are delighted to announce a remarkable archaeological find involving an Iron Age horse-drawn chariot within our ongoing development, The Mile, in Pocklington.”

Archaeological Revelations

Archaeologists are now gearing up for an extensive excavation of the site to delve deeper into the narrative behind this exceptional find. The initial discovery of the chariot was an integral part of a unique archaeological assemblage that is not commonly associated with the Iron Age.

However, the horse remains were stumbled upon separately in an adjacent area on the site. In 2017, Paula Ware, Managing Director at MAP Archaeological Practice Ltd, reported, “The chariot was situated in the final square barrow to be excavated, marking only the third such burial of its kind in the region.”

She continued, “The unearthing of chariot remains along with horses and other artifacts within a pit represents an extraordinary discovery.”

The Excavation Endeavor

Archaeologists have meticulously planned a comprehensive excavation of the site to gain deeper insights into the Iron Age chariot and its surrounding context. The discovery of the chariot is a pivotal component of the ongoing exploration of the Iron Age settlement in the area. In 2016, approximately 150 skeletons, along with their personal belongings, were discovered in a small market town at the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Some of the 75 square barrows, serving as burial chambers, contained personal effects such as jewelry and weaponry, as reported by The Guardian. Furthermore, archaeologists uncovered a skeleton alongside a shield. According to media reports, the remains are attributed to a young man in his late teens or early twenties, who met his demise with a sword at his side. Before his untimely death, he endured severe injuries, with six spears embedded into his body, akin to a ‘hedgehog.’

In Conclusion

The rekindling of the Iron Age chariot and its associated archaeological finds in Yorkshire underscores the region’s rich and vibrant history.

As archaeologists prepare for an extensive excavation, we are poised to unearth additional layers of this enthralling chapter in history. This endeavor promises to provide valuable insights into the lives and traditions of individuals living over 2,500 years ago during the Iron Age. These discoveries emphasize the significance of preserving and investigating our heritage, as it persistently reveals novel facets of our shared past.


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