Awe-Inspiring Aerial Photography: Witness the Mesmerizing Seasonal Transformations of a Finnish Island

Jani Ylinampa is a skilled nature photographer who calls Rovaniemi, a historic logging town, his home. He has a talent for capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of sunsets, Northern Lights, forests, lakes and other natural wonders.

The Ounas and Kemi rivers once served as floating channels for the logging industry starting from the late 1800s until the use of trucks became more common, marking the end of an era.

Ylinampa is an enthusiastic photographer who has been pursuing this passion for almost 15 years. He has extensive knowledge of nature and knows exactly when and where to capture its beauty. One of his latest discoveries was the mesmerizing Kotisaari island in Rovaniemi. This island used to be a stronghold for lumberjacks in Kemijoki, and it immediately caught Ylinampa’s attention. Kotisaari Island is famous for its idyllic charm, and Ylinampa couldn’t resist exploring its wonders.

It is logical that the grass appears differently in autumn versus spring. During the summer, the grass grows and in autumn it begins to dry out, whereas in spring, it has already been dried out from being under snow for a few months and is just starting to regain its color.

Interestingly, in southern Europe, the colors are reversed with greener grass in the spring due to strong sunlight during the summer and winter bringing humidity but little to no snow, enabling it to regain its color.

Kotisaari Island provided the perfect setting for a photographer to capture the diverse beauty of nature. Ylinampa used a drone to capture the island in all four seasons, resulting in four distinct but enchanting images.

The island’s history as a lumberjack site is still evident in the buildings, including a renovated boathouse now serving as a tavern. Accessible only by boat along the picturesque Kemi River, visitors can enjoy a peaceful summer day or an atmospheric autumn evening with the sparkling city lights reflected on the water.




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