Left Alone Shortly Before Giving Birth, She Was Chased Away by Heartless Passersby, Running with a Heavily Pregnant Belly

On the 17th of March, the Animal Rescue of Anton received a call that would lead to a heartwarming and inspiring story of compassion and resilience. The call was about a pregnant dog in Coronado, abandoned just days before she was due to give birth.

Some kind-hearted individuals had offered her food, but many others had shooed her away, leaving her to find refuge in a field next to a busy highway, heavily pregnant and in distress.

In her vulnerable state, this expectant mother faced great risks, both for herself and her unborn puppies. It was a dire situation, but there was hope on the horizon. A compassionate woman spotted her and immediately reached out to the Animal Rescue of Anton for assistance.

When the rescue team arrived, they approached the dog gently, fully aware of her fearful state. She tried to flee, though not very rapidly, and the team was careful not to cause her further distress. They followed her patiently until she grew tired and lay down.

With great care, they attempted to entice her into a cage with food, and luckily, it worked. They swiftly secured the cage and worked to calm her down. To their relief, she didn’t panic inside the cage.

The veterinarian’s assessment revealed that she was only a few days away from giving birth. An ultrasound confirmed that her puppies were healthy, despite being a bit smaller than average. However, their future looked promising.

The pregnant dog had her share of challenges, including a slightly deviated hip and a severe parasite infection. The first step was to remove all visible parasites and provide her with a thorough medical wash to prevent reinfection. Remarkably, she behaved well throughout the process and showed no signs of aggression.

Everything was in place for the big day. On that special night, she was understandably a bit apprehensive. However, she exhibited incredible strength and gave birth to a total of 11 puppies, all of whom made it into the world safely. They were born on March 22nd, and the joy and love in the rescue team’s hearts knew no bounds.

The litter consisted of 6 males and 5 females, and they are as adorable as can be. This heartwarming tale is a testament to the power of compassion, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of animals.

Despite facing abandonment, hardship, and adversity, this courageous mother dog and her 11 precious puppies have found their path to a brighter future, thanks to the love and dedication of their rescuers.

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