Triumph Over Adversity: Three-Legged Pup’s Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Therapy Dog, Fostering Confidence in Children with Physical Challenges

Nestled in the heart of Lexington, the Shriners Children’s Hospital houses an inspiring story of resilience and compassion embodied by an extraordinary canine named Chance. His journey unfolds from the depths of despair as a rescue dog with a haunting past to the pinnacle of being a certified therapy dog, showcasing the profound impact that love can have.

Chance’s Tale of Triumph

Chance’s story begins amidst adversity, where he was discovered in a desperate state – starving and with a bullet embedded in his shoulder. The dedicated team at Camp Jean Rescue intervened, providing the much-needed medical care and, most importantly, affording him a second chance at life. Despite losing his front leg, collarbone, and shoulder due to the bullet wound, Chance’s story took a positive turn.

Six weeks post a life-saving surgery, Chance found a new home with Andrea White, a former Shriners nurse who recognized his kind, clever, and obedient nature. Inspired by this extraordinary connection, Andrea embarked on a mission to get pet therapy certification for Chance, envisioning visits to patients with limb deficiencies, mirroring his own challenges.

A Certified Therapy Dog

Undergoing Love on a Leash therapy pet training, Chance swiftly transformed into a certified therapy dog. He soon began patrolling the corridors of Shriners Children’s Lexington, aiming to bring comfort and smiles to children facing challenges akin to his own.

In the clinic exam rooms, the joy on children’s faces was evident as Chance and Andrea entered. Many would eagerly get down to the floor to be closer to their furry friend. The children and their families were naturally curious about Chance’s journey but were captivated by his “eager to please” disposition.

A Beacon of Hope

For Chance, these hospital visits were a form of “work,” eagerly anticipated with palpable enthusiasm. His mission was clear – to assist and provide solace to children confronting limb differences.

The impact of Chance’s visits extended beyond the young patients to the hospital staff. Beth English, a licensed therapeutic recreational therapist, attested that Chance’s presence alleviated anxiety during long prosthetics clinic visits, bringing smiles to both patients and their families.

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