Remɑrkɑble Tɑle: Iпdіɑп Chіld wіth Fᴏսr Legs ɑпd Twᴏ Peпіses Cɑptіvɑtes Glᴏbɑl Atteпtіᴏп

A boy was born in the Indian city of Bellary, a case of a child with a complex mutation was recorded. The boy has four legs and a double set of genitals. Doctors reported that this is one of the most difficult cases they have ever encountered.

Indian mass media reported that a boy was born in the city of Bellary, who has four legs and a double set of genitals. The boy’s mother, 23-year-old Lalitamma, already has a three-year-old son who is completely healthy. Doctors will find out the reason for the mutation

The boy’s parents said that they consider their son a “gift from God” and are ready to take care of him as long as necessary, although the family does not have money for expensive treatments and treatment. At first, Lalitamma wanted to take her son home, but the doctors persuaded her to send him to one of the local hospitals for examination.

Now doctors are studying the mutation of the baby. As the doctors reported, they had never encountered such a difficult case before. So far, the decision on whether the remaining limbs will be removed has not been made. The boy is in stable condition, there is no threat to his life.

Such cases are rare in medicine. As usual, the reason for the mutation is the presence of a conjoined twin. Usually, conjoined twins occur when the egg begins to divide too early. Doctors perform operations on the separation of twins, but, most often, only one child survives.

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