Wᴏrld’s Tіпіest Twіпs, Fᴏrmerly Sսrgіcɑlly Sepɑrɑted, Flᴏսrіshіпg ɑs Tᴏddlers!

Erin and Abby Delaney were both born on July 24, weighing 2 pounds and 1 ounce. When Heather Delaney was 11 weeks pregnant, physicians noticed that the twins’ heads were fused. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (HOP) was approached by Heather and Riley Delaney regarding separation surgery for their children.

Head-to-head conjoining is the rarest kind and happens around six times every 10 million births, according to HOP. Moreover, the Delaney twins were completely united, with a link that extended deep into their brain tissue. The fact that they shared a superior sagittal sinus, which is the big conduit that delivers blood from the brain to the heart, caused doctors considerable anxiety.

Erin and Abby had physical, occupational, and speech therapy in the hospital over a period of many months. Erin was released from the hospital after 435 days of treatment. Her and her parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia till bby was released one month later. The family returned to North Carolina before to the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday.

“They’re both quite happy little girls,” said Delaney. “It amazes us that they are doing as well as they are.”

Dr. Gregory Heuer and Dr. Jesse Taylor, currently chairman of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at HOP, co-led Erin and Abby’s procedures.

Taylor informed “GM” that this was his first craniopagus twin operation.

Taylor stated, “No one had ever done a separation the way we were doing it, and in many respects it was very innovative.”

The twins are exceeding our expectations and performing pretty well, he continued. Technically, they’re approximately six months behind schedule, but they’re doing really well overall.

According to Delaney, Erin is crawling, while Abby rolls and sits up. As is typical of toddlers, both are displaying spirited personalities and exploring the environment.

“Erin likes to take remote controls off the coffee table,” Delaney stated. “They are just beginning to interact, so it’s amusing to see bby make this expression [to Erin], ‘Don’t take my toy.’ She is a spunky young lady, bby.”

Delaney stated that her family’s mission is to inspire parents of children with medical difficulties.

“Our girls are proof that the impossible is achievable,” she continued. I refer to them as our miracle babies.

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